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Why Vacant Property Security?

At Kooi, we take care of your vacant property security. Our advanced vacant security systems are there to prevent theft, vandalism, arson and illegal occupation.

Thanks to our cost-efficient approach, more and more entrepreneurs choose Kooi when it comes to vacant properties security.

why vacant propery security
affordable security for vacant property

Vacant property security: efficient and affordable

Vacant property security gets quite expensive if monitoring is not carried out in an efficient manner. The deployment of invigilators in particular will increase costs. For this reason, we have developed camera property security systems. These systems include smart detection and camera equipment. 

Below, you will find the most important reasons to choose Kooi, when it comes to vacant property securitization:

  • 24/7 efficient property security
  • Use of advanced detection cameras
  • Follow-up via our own Kooi Alarm Center
  • Free security check
  • Expertized service combined with personal contact

Do you own empty properties? We will happily inform you on the matter in an advisory meeting. Performing a free security check is always an option. Providing the best possible service and personal contact is our first priority. Send us an email or call us now!

Vacant properties security with advanced cameras

With our technological solutions, we are able to keep the overview from a distance, day and night. Our vacant property security cameras are state-of-the-art. Our UFOs (Unit For Observation) can observe areas up to 30,000 m² at a time. 

The 360° cameras have a high resolution and are equipped with infrared technology. As a result, we have perfect visibility after the sun sets, without causing any light pollution. The cameras are equipped with a siren and loudspeaker, which we can use when we detect intruders. Is there no power supply and internet connection nearby? Not a problem, a 4G transmitter provides the connection to the alarm center. If there is no power supply, we can provide it with a Power Box or a Solar Power Unit.

vacant property camera security
wireless surveillance vacant propery

Security of vacant property with our own Kooi Alarm Center

You do not have to lay awake at night anymore, worrying about what might happen to your vacant property is a thing of the past. Our cameras are watching your property 24/7, but  there is more to it. If an incident does occur, you can always use our application to view past events and take appropriate follow-up actions.  

All cameras are connected to our own Kooi Alarm Center via a wireless 4G connection. When the detection notices irregularities, our experienced specialists come into action. They can assess what is going on from a distance, meaning that we do not need to unnecessarily call in security or the police. However, during calamities you do not have to pay extra for the follow-up, since it is included as standard in the rates of our property security systems.

Vacant real estate security for insurance

Even though you are well insured, damage to your vacant property is not always compensated. Insurance companies often demand that you have your security well arranged, before they proceed to pay out claims.

We will not only take care of the security of your property, but we will also maintain records and reports of each and every incident. At Kooi, we happily provide you with solid advice on vacant property security. Furthermore, we will inform you on the requirements for your insurance.  

Vacant real estate security
Secure vacancy with Kooi

Kooi will help you right away with your vacant property security

Real estate and property security are in safe hands at Kooi. We efficiently install our advanced property security systems, which will prevent calamities like theft and vandalism. 

Have you been leaving your vacant property unsecured for a while now? Stop taking risks, call us today to discuss the possibilities. We gladly inform you on the matters and proceed by installing our advanced security system on your vacant property. 

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Advice and site support
We are happy to help you find the best solution for your location. Please fill in your details and we will call you back as soon as possible.

You are assured of

24/7 surveillance
24/7 surveillance
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Kooi Alarm Center
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Inhouse engineering
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Are you curious about what our high-quality remote video monitoring can do for your company? Not a single site or company is the same. Therefore we are offering custom-made security solutions. We will inspect your situation, before we provide you with an advanced video surveillance system.

If you are interested in the projects that we have executed and currently are executing? Then you can take a look at a few of our cases that we have described in detail on our website. This will give you a clear and broad overview of our knowledge and expertise.

Chances are that our innovative systems and techniques can also be of value to your company. Thanks to our (cost) efficient working methods, we will keep your site secured 24/7, at a competitive rate. Feel free to ask for a no-obligation consultation, or let us provide you with a quotation for 24/7 remote video monitoring.

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