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Why is Vacant property security a low-cost solution?

It is important to invest in vacant property security. These empty premises are susceptible to various undesirable situations, which can result in high costs to reimburse the damage. Common problems are risks are inundation, igniting fires, pollution and illegal tenants like squatters. Our security minimizes the need of manpowered security. This makes our security a low cost solution.

We offer cost-efficient solutions for real estate security and vacant properties, with advanced camera technology. These units enable us to view your empty property remotely. Our specialists continuously receive clear images, even in the dark due to our infrared systems. The built-in alarm and speakers can be activated, when an intruder occurs on your site. Normally, this is sufficient to deter the unwanted guest, but we contact the police if necessary. Costs for follow-up are included in our services. You can fill out our form to request an appointment to get more information about vacant property security.

low-cost vacant property security
Secure vacant properties from remote

Our security specialists secure vacant properties efficiently

It’s not enough to install high-quality cameras. In order to properly secure your vacant property, it is important to monitor the incoming footage. We have our own PAC-Certified control room: the Kooi Alarm Center. This emergency service is manned 24/7 by our qualified security specialists that are trained to handle every situation.

When intruders enter your vacant property, you want to remove them as soon as possible. Our CCTV monitoring centralists a notification when movement is detected. That’s why our camera systems are equipped with sirens and speakers that can be activated by our team. If this proves to be insufficient, we will contact the emergency services, but most of the time this isn’t required. Request a quotations if you want to know more about the costs of our vacant property security solutions?

Vacant property security systems for remote monitoring

You can rely on our security systems to secure vacant properties. Our mobile surveillance unit is developed for remote monitoring and can cover areas up to 30.000m2. This is possible due to the 6m extendable mast. Moreover, the solution is equipped with a 4G wireless connection for a reliable attachment to the alarm center.

We understand the importance of an effective security system to protect your vacant property from unwanted situations, like fly tipping that cause pollution or squatters. Our innovative technology prevents false alarms. Due to the infrared cameras, the towers do not cause light nuisance in the nearby environment. We are happy to offer you a tailor made solution, to determine the security needs for your empty property.

vacant property security systems for remote monitoring
meet insurance requirements with empty property security

Empty property security to meet your insurance requirements

When you suffer from damage to your vacant property that is caused by intruders, you want this to be reimbursed by your insurance company. Most insurers set certain requirements before they are willing to compensate the costs. One of the demands is suitable empty property security.

By investing in our high-quality vacant property protection, you show the insurers that you are willing to increase the security of your domain. Our specialists will help you during the insurance issue. We will provide you with evidence of the incident, like the security footage that is monitored by our camera units. In addition, you will always receive a extensive report from the security specialist. You can contact us, if you want to know more about the conditions of security companies.


What are the benefits of vacant property security?

Vacant property security comes with many advantages. You want to prevent undesirable situations that cause damage to your unmanned premise. Below we explain the advantages of our solutions:

  • Prevent flooding, fire,
  • Detect squatters and polluters before they can settle in your property;
  • Wide camera range;
  • Infrared night vision;
  • Remotely controllable alarm and speaker;
  • 24/7 monitoring with advanced security systems

The most common risk for vacant properties are squatters. They are allowed to occupy an unmanned building without the permission of an owner. The hard part is to evict these uninvited guests from your domain. It's better to be safe than sorry, so let us prepare a quote to find out more about the possibilities.


The benefits of security for vacant properties
External power sources for flexible deployability

Kooi will help you right away with your vacant property security

A good power supply is required for reliable operation for the vacant property security systems. When you don’t have excess to the mains, we can provide you with various flexible solutions to power your security system. We are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment.

First you can choose our hybrid power box. This is a combination between a traditional aggregate and solar energy. Second, we provide a 100% green energy source, the solar power unit. This is suitable for premises in a sunny environment. Last we offer the Powerbox, a powerful generator to energize your devices. We can determine which energy source is needed to secure vacant property by carrying out a security check.

We offer a tailor-made solution for vacant property protection

Kooi is an international partner in the field of security. We provide temporary and long term protection for various branches, like construction site security. We strive to provide you with the best possible service throughout Europe. In recent years we’ve opened offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, Spain, and the Scandinavian countries.

Because every situation requires a unique approach, we offer a tailor-made solution that is customized to your needs. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of security, we can asses risks like no other. Be assured of a good night’s rest and invest in our vacant property security systems. Our specialists are glad to advice you about the possibilities!

Protection for vacant property with tailor-made solution

Frequently asked questions


What are the most common risks related to empty properties?

If an premise is unattended the risk of unwanted situations rises. There are various hazards, like utility leaks, polluters, flooding and squatters. The camera units detect movement and notify our specialists at the control room. You can also opt for our RED: Rising Early Detection, to detect fire before igniting.

How does the equipment get enough power to work properly?

You can connect the equipment to the mains, but don’t worry when you don’t have this access. We provide different options: Hybrid power box, Solar power unit and the power box.

How much does vacant property security cost?

Depending on your wishes, we can draw up a tailor-made solution. Different factors determine the costs to secure your vacant property. For example, we need to know the size of your property and the quantity of camera units that are needed.

What will Kooi do to keep the empty property safe?

You can always count on the security solutions of Kooi. The cameras provide clear images, even in the dark. Moreover, we offer round-the-clock monitoring to secure your premise. The centralists at the Kooi Alarm Center are always ready to analyse the risks and act properly.

What happens if an unwanted situation takes place?

When the cameras detect movement, a notification is sent to CCTV monitoring. The centralists asses the situation and activate the sirens and speakers from remote, to scare of the unwanted guests. When this is not sufficient, we will call the emergency services.

Does direct follow-up to secure vacant property cost extra?

If it’s necessary to contact the police or the fire brigade, you won’t have to pay for additional costs. Direct follow-up is included in our service for vacant property security.

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