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Kooi Alarm Center

Fine-tuned to your needs

All our products are connected to our innovative and professional Kooi Alarm Center 24/7. Our alarm centre’s attention and expertise focus entirely on Kooi’s camera alerts. When unauthorized or unwanted persons are detected, a critical analysis is immediately performed and appropriate action is taken, such as sounding a siren and/or dispatching security or calling the police.

No false alarms

Kooi is there for you when it matters. Our unique alarm center analyses all reports from the connected camera systems and responds accordingly. Continuous monitoring according to a jointly established protocol means we can very accurately determine what is happening at your location so that we do not need to carry out any unnecessary actions. After an incident has occurred, you will receive a report of our analysis and actions taken, supplemented with clear footage from the security cameras.


Extensive knowledge and experience

With our extensive product knowledge and experience, we can serve you from start to finish; from your enquiry and installation to the moment the camera system is picked up. Our alarm center receives a daily overview from the cameras that are installed and is always aware of specific developments.


Fine-tuned to your needs

The Kooi Alarm Center takes your specific wishes and needs into account. Our goal is always the same; whether you are looking for security for a wind farm or a construction site with theft-prone equipment, we will ensure that your work continues undisturbed.

Flexible and personal monitoring 24/7

A combination of people and technology means our alarm Center can offer personal and flexible surveillance of your construction site or premises 24/7. Our alarm center is your professional sparring partner, which can also offer you expert advice: we would be happy to formulate a tailor-made solution for you!


This makes the Kooi Alarm Center unique

  • 24/7 surveillance with personal contact
  • PAC-certified, according to the European standard EN50518
  • Exclusive surveillance using own UFO’s (prio1)
  • Direct link with the police control room
  • Optimum limitation of damage and negative effects through visible and direct action
  • No additional cost later

You are assured of

24/7 surveillance
Kooi Alarm Center
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