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A unique control room for remote video monitoring especially when it matters

All of our products are connected to our innovative and professional 24/7 Kooi Alarm Center. The focus and expertise of this control room are remote video monitoring and alarm follow-up. When unauthorized or unwanted persons are detected, a sharp analysis is proficiently drawn, and the appropriate action is taken such as activating a siren or sending security guards or police to the location.

The Kooi Alarm Center takes your specific needs and wishes into account. Whether you are looking for remote camera monitoring for a wind farm, a construction site with theft-sensitive materials or a solution to prevent fire in your waste storage, our goal is always the same: to ensure that your work can continue undisturbed. Are you using our heat detection system? If the temperature rises above the set value, an alarm message is directly received at the Kooi Alarm Center. From here we monitor the video footage from remote 24 hours a day. Whenever it’s needed we initiate the coordinated alarm protocol.

Kooi Alarm Center
  • 24/7 personal and professional supervision
  • 24/7 access to your own camera systems (prio1)
  • Inclusive follow-up costs
  • PAC certified, according to European standard EN50518
  • Loudspeaker and siren as alarm follow-up
Centralist Alarm Center Kooi

No unnecessary notifications but immediate action

Our unique control room analyses all reports from the active camera systems and monitors them 24/7. Because our remote video monitoring is based on a tailor-made protocol, we can accurately determine what is happening at your location and take immediate action when necessary. After an incident, you will receive a report of our analysis and the action taken, including clear footage (of the incident).

Our operators can provide alarm follow-up from the control room. For example, by calling in security officers, the police, or the fire brigade. As always, there are no extra costs for follow-ups, because this is included in the rates for remote camera monitoring.

Do you want to know the security level of your location? 

Are you curious about how secure your location is? We would be happy to perform a free security check for you. We will determine what is necessary to fully secure your project site using temporary and mobile camera surveillance.

Quick advice Tailored advice and a service assurance within one business day

Jesse is happy to give you advise on the options for securing your location. Please leave us your details and we will contact you within one business day.

J.Vanderveen Kooi

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Frequently asked questions


Why should I invest in a virtual security guard?

Our innovative solutions are guaranteed to be more affordable than common security guards. Advanced methods enable us to monitor a region from a distance. We only contact the police or fire brigade when there is no other option.

Is the connection to the Kooi Alarm Center reliable?

We can assure you that the connection to our emergency center is very trustworthy. The connection between the device and our personnel at CCTV monitoring is established with a wireless 4G connection. Therefore, we can secure your property throughout the day.

How can remote monitoring be used to deter intruders?

The remote camera monitoring system is equipped with built-in sirens, lights and speakers that can be operated remotely. Mostly, the unexpected sound scares the trespassers. If they refuse to leave your property, we will contact the police.

Can I monitor the security footage myself?

You don’t have access to the security footage from the virtual guard. It is possible to view the temperature monitoring of the RED live via a personal portal.

Is the security service of Kooi internationally available?

Our security company originates in the Netherlands, but in recent years we’ve expanded internationally. We have various offices spread across Europe and we supply security systems in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Scandinavia.

What does the complete service of Kooi mean?

We are an all-inclusive security company, which means that we provide a complete service. We install the devices, execute the maintenance, monitor the video footage and resolve suspicious circumstances.

Is the virtual security guard suitable for every terrain?

Our security devices can be installed on every conceivable terrain. We provide various power sources to provide the system with enough energy, such as the power box, solar power unit and hybrid power box. Moreover, the wireless connection connects the cameras to the Kooi Alarm Center with CCTV monitoring.