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Rest Assured

We'll stand guard so that you can relax

Working on your future should never occur at the expense of safety and a good night’s sleep

We believe everyone deserves a peaceful and undisturbed night’s sleep. Including you! So we can use temporary, mobile and innovative camera surveillance and heat detection to monitor and identify threats on your behalf. Hence preventing theft and/or damage on your construction site or premises.

We allow you to build on the future in a safe and uninterrupted fashion. In which technology takes precedence over manned surveillance

If necessary, we can take immediate action. Always with the focus on optimising the interface between technology and people while minimising the need for manpower. So that you can sleep at night with peace of mind.


International expertise

Since our foundation in 2010 and the development of the first UFO, we have grown into an international knowledge and sparring partner. With more than 130 employees, we are committed to providing the best mobile surveillance and temporary camera surveillance in 20 European countries. From our own offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and Denmark, we contribute to building a safer future every day.

Personal advisory team

Our personal advisory team is always ready to help you, wherever you are. Our team have years of experience and extensive knowledge on various industries, (construction) sites and security issues. Whatever your requirements, our advisory team would be happy to take on any of your challenges in the areas of security, surveillance and safety. We will help you look for a high-quality solution that offers you the right security and safety.

Continuous innovation

We are always looking for ways of improving our innovative camera systems to make them even more efficient and yield even better results. We challenge ourselves daily to do our job even better and more fully. From UFO and RED to our unique Kooi Alarm Centre, we are constantly on the lookout for developments in the field of camera security and surveillance.

Onno Mauritz Kooi Camera Surveillance
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