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Kooi has different types of Units For Observation (UFO). There is a solution for every terrain. Especially in remote areas, an advanced camera security is a good investment.
When the system detects motion, our Alarm Center receives the alarm. At that moment, our specialists analyze the threat level in order to take the appropriate action. The UFO is equipped with an alarm, loudspeaker, and lights. From the control room, the specialists can activate these to deter intruders. In 99% of the cases this is an effective solution. We contact emergency services if intruders refuse to leave the site and in foreboding situations. You do not pay any extra costs for alarm follow-ups.
The systems are also suitable for use in covered areas. If you have a covered area, please contact our security team to discuss the most suitable solution.
Kooi secures numerous types of locations and not just construction site. The innovative camera system is used to secure various sites from the largest wind farms in Europe to solar parks and from parking spaces to construction chains. You will find examples from our customers on our website.
No, the intelligent camera systems recognize threats. This means that it is not necessary for our specialists to constantly monitor the video images. The Kooi Alarm Center is manned 24 hours a day by our specialists. As soon as the system sends an alarm, immediate action is taken. This makes our remote monitoring a cost-efficient and effective solution.
Kooi has its own alarm center (the Kooi Alarm Center). All our specialists are trained to effectively resolve potential issues. They have sole access to the footage filmed by the camera unit and are therefore the only ones authorized to take appropriate action, such as playing an alarm or voice message or calling in the security or the police.
The number of camera masts depends on several factors. Our specialists carry out a check on site to advise you on the necessary security.
Our specialists know the requirements of the insurance companies. We can give you a good advice regarding the necessary security to meet the conditions required by your insurance.
Our security systems have proven that remote security is more efficient and cheaper than the traditional security. We are employing an efficient working method that allows our specialists to secure multiple locations at the same time. At night, the hourly rate for surveillance quickly increases due to the surcharges, while with our remote security you pay a flat rate.
The security system is an effective means against theft. Nevertheless, it is necessary that you take out an insurance to cover the costs of the damages from such untoward incidences. By investing in Kooi camera surveillance, it may be possible to get a discount on the insurance’s premium and your deductible.
We tailor security for every project. The costs for camera surveillance depend on several factors, such as: a. The surface of the site, construction site or object to be secured. b. Is it possible to connect to the mains or do you need an external power supply, such as the Powerbox, Solar Power Unit or the Hybrid Powerbox. c. The number of camera systems required to view the desired detection area when obstacles are in the way. d. Duration of the project. It is always possible to adjust the conditions while the camera surveillance contract is on-going. Some locations are subject to constant change. That is why we can always reset the security, so that you are assured of a good camera coverage.
The camera units ensure that you can leave your belongings behind after working hours with peace of mind. Damages caused by crime such as theft or accidents such as fire can lead to high costs. With our temporary security solutions, you can prevent the theft of valuable possessions, or damages due to fire and vandalism.
The innovative cameras are equipped with advanced motion detectors. When the system detects a suspicious situation, the alarm center receives the live images of the threat on site. The specialists analyze these images and determine the course of action to be taken.
Kooi's mobile camera systems are connected 24/7 to our own PAC-certified EN50518 control room, the Kooi Alarm Center. This control room is manned 24 hours a day by our specialists who are trained and experienced operators securing the site remotely. We work according to strict protocols, so that the video images are handled with care.
The system is under continuous control through our network. A good connection and a clean camera lens are required to ensure reliable operation. When the electricity is lost, the system switches to a backup battery pack. This only applies to equipment that is connected to the mains. When you use one of our external power supplies, you don't have to worry about this.
Remote security is very reliable. With our camera system we can monitor everything. In addition, the built-in monitoring system continuously monitors system operation to quickly resolve malfunctions.
If someone damages the power supply of the camera mast, the system switches to a backup battery pack, then we inform the customer about this.
If desired, it is possible to exclude certain (public) areas in the video recordings. In addition, we can mask parts of the image.
Both the UFO and the RED Mobile are plug & play. This means that we can fully install the systems within an hour.
The surveillance system is equipped with intelligent software. The cameras are activated during the agreed period of surveillance. When the device detects a suspicious situation, an alarm is received at the Kooi Alarm Center. The specialists monitor the video images remotely, analyze the possible threat and activate the built-in deterrents when necessary. In 99% of cases this is sufficient. If the intruder does not leave the premises, we call in the local security or the police.
Kooi’s detection system works based on trend analysis. When the RED system detects a temperature rise that is out of trend, a notification is sent to Kooi’s alarm center. The innovative system works with an AI (artificial intelligence). This advance technology prevents false alarms.
The RED heat detection system of Kooi can be used in several sectors needing heat detection security. Currently, it is mainly applied in the waste and recycling industry. Here, waste is sorted, ground, incinerated or composted. The type of waste being processed contributes to the risk factor causing heat and eventually fire. Lithium batteries, mattresses, aerosols, and the likes in particular pose a risk during waste processing.
For locations with limited or no power supply, Kooi offers two solutions: The Powerbox and the Hybrid Powerbox. The Powerbox is a generator that guarantees a reliable power supply. The Hybrid Powerbox is a smart generator that also works on solar energy. If there isn’t enough sunshine, the Hybrid Powerbox switches to a silent generator. The energy source is dependent on the need of the location. We can also determine this for you during an on-site security check.
The RED Mobile can be installed and fully programmed within an hour. In addition, we guarantee its fast delivery. The RED Fixed and RED Concrete have a delivery time of approximately 2 weeks. In cases where RED is urgently needed, we offer the use of the RED Mobile to bridge the time gap.
The RED is a 24/7 detection system. The rotating thermometric camera continuously monitors the temperature. The camera images are not viewed all day. In the event of an unusual temperature rise, the system immediately sends an alarm message to Kooi’s 24/7 Alarm Center. At that moment, our operators work on high-speed pulling up the live feed, analyzing the situation, and determining the course of action to be taken.
Security lies in the hands of Kooi. The heat detection system is linked to the Kooi Alarm Center. We offer 24/7 professional control room security managed by specialists. The moment the system detects an unusual rise in the temperature, the specialists receive a notification. We always ensure utmost care and privacy in dealing with all the video images.
Kooi innovated The RED heat detection system and is still the only one in Europe to offer this pioneering technological solution. The RED system is directly linked to Kooi's own control center. The RED comes in a self-powering model for locations that doesn’t have access to the mains source. The system is suitable for almost any type of location. The rotating 360 degrees camera has a range of 70.000 m2. This means that securing a large area with one system is possible.
Our customers have access to a secure Kooi portal, where they can check whether the system is active. The panoramic live feed and temperature development can also be viewed here 24/7. The temperature is mapped using graphs. In addition, the system is constantly monitored for maximum technical operability. In the event of a malfunction, the Kooi Alarm Center will immediately receive a notification. The problem receives highest priority and is then resolved in the shortest time possible.
You can choose between a mobile or a fixed solution. The mobile solution can be moved as the terrain or your priority changes. We find it important to guarantee the best quality. Therefore, we recommend only moving the RED Mobile in consultation with our specialists.
The size of the area to be secured. One 360-degree camera has a range of up to 70,000 m2. The size of the site determines the amount of camera systems needed to secure the site. If there’s a power supply. The camera system can be connected to the mains. If there is no power supply, we can offer an external energy source for a fee. The duration of your project. You pay per month for our service. The duration of the project therefore determines the costs of the RED.
When you invest in Kooi's camera surveillance, you are assured of the latest technology. The RED has a smart software that continuously performs calculations to detect fire at an early stage. Fire hazards are immediately detected, minimizing the risk for damage. We offer 24/7 temperature monitoring from the Kooi Alarm Center.
You can rent or buy the RED heat detection system. When you buy the RED product, you still have to pay the monthly subscription to Kooi’s Alarm Center.
The RED has an AI (Artificial Intelligence). The system continuously performs calculations based on trend analysis that makes a false alarm unlikely. We continuously monitor the RED system to ensure proper operation. In the event of a suspicious situation, the Alarm Center receives a notification. Then our specialists analyze the danger.
The Kooi camera surveillance is linked to the Kooi Alarm Center that operates 24/7. When the system detects an unusual temperature rise, a notification is sent to the Alarm Center. This is manned 24/7 by trained operators who monitor Kooi's cameras. Kooi is responsible for the maintenance of the camera systems. We continuously monitor the operation of the RED using our Health Check, so that you are always assured of a reliable system. Whenever we find a technical defect, we send our technician on site as soon as possible to solve the problem.
The RED's software continuously performs calculations to detect temperature differences and makes a trend analysis. As soon as the RED system detects a temperature rise that is out of trend, it immediately identifies a potential hazard. A notification is then sent to Kooi’s alarm center.
Yes, the RED surveils the terrain 24 hours a day. Because the system is equipped with AI, alarms from vehicles can be filtered from the results. This capability allows for the system to be active even during working hours.
The RED is extremely reliable. We work with a double internet connection, via two different providers. It is also possible to use your own WiFi network. This way we can always guarantee a properly working internet connection. In addition, we continuously monitor the operation of the RED with our Health Check. If we discover a defect, we will send a technician as soon as possible to resolve the issue.
The Rising Early Detection (RED) works based on trend analysis. The system has a rotating camera that continuously monitors the temperature.
Our customers get access to their project accounts at Kooi’s customer portal. Here they can view the live feed, read the current temperature trending, and see the panorama view.
A smoke detector goes off the moment the device detects smoke or if dust enters the detector. That means a fire has already started. The RED monitors temperature changes, so that an unusual rise in heat can be signaled. In this case, the risk of fire is detected at an early stage, therefore preventing fire from happening.
In an optimal situation, the 360-degree rotating camera has a range of 70.000 m2.
The RED is equipped with Artificial Intelligence. The system is able to distinguish between a overheating hazards and high temperatures of exhausts, equipment and even exhaust gases. This allows alarms that might be caused by machines and vehicles to be filtered out from the results.
When the system detects a rise in heat or fire, the alarm center receives a notification. Our control room is manned 24 hours a day by specialists who analyze fire hazards. If necessary, they will contact the fire brigade. The costs for immediate alarm follow-up are included in our services.
When you are a Kooi customer, you will receive access to the customer portal. This is a secure web environment, in which you gain access to your project environment. Here you can watch the live feed from the RED system among other functions.
No. We will not receive any reports from the UFO at your location within the working hours you have specified. If this time is exceeded, the operator creates a report indicating that work has taken place outside the regular hours. However, if the working hours are structurally exceeded, we ask you to review the working hours. You can adjust the working hours via the 247kooi app.
We do not share the images from our cameras. This has to do with the GDPR. If you think that our camera images can be of value to, for example, determine damage or a criminal offense, we advise you to report it to the police. Here you can indicate that there were Kooi cameras in the area that may have recorded the incident relating to your case. The police will then pick up the matter with us.
Public areas do not come under detection and do not cause alarms. Where necessary, we can insert so-called ‘privacy masks’ that make the public area invisible.
The mobile camera system has a predetermined area under detection and during the day it produces footage in which people are recognizable in the picture. These images are processed according to the applicable guidelines. It is possible to preset a period that the security system is active, for example during unmanned hours. Vehicles and associated license plates are, in accordance with the GDPR, not blurred. The footages from our cameras, whenever necessary, can be used for police investigation.
When an alarm turns out to be a verified incident, we save the corresponding images. These images are kept until the incident has been resolved. The material is used as proof of the incident and to aid in the identification of an intruder. Furthermore, these images are an essential addition that completes the dossier for insurance claims where evidence is required.
Kooi uses signages to make known that the area is secured using the CCTV. Banners will be hung when the client specifically requests for it.
The Unit For Observation (UFO) and the Rising Early Detection (RED) Mobile have an adjustable 6 meter mast to which the camera system is attached. The system housing is equipped with a distinct Kooi logo. This way, the masts are clearly visible in the secured site. The presence of the recognizable masts is in itself a form of prevention. It deters intruders when they notice the imposing security system.
Yes, during the agreed time frames for surveillance. During surveillance hours, the camera system continuously monitors the site for movements. When the system detects a movement, it immediately generates an alarm that our specialists in the Kooi Alarm Center receives at real-time. The alarm that our specialists receive is coupled with the live image that they watch and analyse. Based on the analysis, appropriate action is then taken. They can remotely activate the alarm or loudspeaker. This deters intruders in 99% of the cases thus preventing theft and damage.
Some of Kooi's systems are equipped with a rotating camera with zoom function. This gives the operators a better overview of the site. However, the mobile system is easy to move. In the event of changes in the construction site, the mobile system is re-positioned so that the new area defined to be protected is properly detected. In this way, we guarantee full coverage.
Our security cameras are generally deployed during unmanned hours. This makes it unlikely for employees, customers or other visitors to be filmed. Persons entering the site outside working hours are unauthorized. The processing of personal data may be justified for the client. Ultimately, the client is responsible for the reason for processing personal data.
The camera system for construction site security serves to monitor the site, the machines, and the materials in the property. The video images are only used to protect the client’s property against crime, such as theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Therefore, the installation of the UFO is not a violation of the GDPR.
Kooi complies with the rights that the GDPR stipulates for the data subjects, including the right to be forgotten. The video images are only used internally within Kooi. We only follow up if intruders refuse to leave the site. In that case, the right to be forgotten is submitted directly to the authorities.
Kooi works according to strict data protection procedures based on the GDPR. The request and processing procedures are always carried out according to the same model.
Kooi has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized use. Most of the footage is not viewed by anyone, because the monitor is only activated during an alarm.
At Kooi we provide complete service. This means that we are responsible for every aspect of the security system. From installation to maintenance, our own technical team is ready. We only engage third parties that we authorize to work on the systems.
The footage is stored locally in the system's memory and on the server. Alarm messages are also stored on the server. This memory is erased regularly. If a suspicious situation is detected, the specialists at the Kooi Alarm Center will receive an alarm. They are the only authorized party to monitor the images. They analyze the report and assess the threat. In principle, Kooi does not provide camera images that may contain personal data to third parties. In situations when the client instructs to do so, or if there is a legal obligation to do so, or if the Dutch Data Protection Authority obliges Kooi to do so, then Kooi will comply. If criminal prosecution is necessary, the file can be submitted to the police within 21 days. After that, the images are deleted from the system.
If the system detects a potential danger, our specialists at the Kooi Alarm Center receive an alarm and they can watch the camera on the secured site. Our customers can view the live images at the 247kooi App and at the online customer portal. If a suspicious situation has occurred, the customer always receives a report.
The law does not specifically refer to camera security. However, the use of cameras can come in conflict with the guidelines of the GDPR. Nevertheless, protecting property on business parks, construction sites or in vacant buildings is possible because the GDPR specifies various bases on which the processing of personal data is possible. Kooi works according to the strict protocols that are compliant with the GDPR.
Camera surveillance on private property does not violate the GDPR. Security is used to protect property against crime, theft, destruction, and the likes. Our specialists know the conditions for data protection, and they know better than anyone how to protect various areas in a responsible manner.
No. Kooi's camera systems have been specially developed to cause as little nuisance as possible in the immediate vicinity. The cameras are equipped with advanced infrared technology, which means that it is not necessary to illuminate the area when it’s dark. If the alarm or loudspeakers are activated, the residents in the area can hear this.
No, Kooi's camera systems are always connected to the alarm center. The connection is established via a wireless network, so that we can always guarantee a solid connection.
The specialists have access to live images. But because the systems continuously monitor unwanted activities on the site, these images are not constantly viewed by the specialists. The intelligent camera system analyzes the terrain during the set security times. The moment the system detects an unwanted activity, the control room pulls up the live stream to watch and analyze.
Our specialists are happy to answer all your questions regarding the GDPR. You can send us an email via info@247kooi.com.