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10 October 2022

To protect shoppers' cars from the bright sun, a large car park at a shopping centre in Pamplona is being fitted with a canopy full of solar panels. To protect the precious building materials from theft, a Kooi UFO guards the construction site.

The solar carport is right up Sunstroom's street. This innovative company designs and develops solar projects across Europe and is also responsible for this solar roof. Sales manager Almar Kleefstra of Kooi: "We were approached to take on security for the project. Since we had done this before for Sunstroom and we can do this well, we naturally said yes immediately."

Costly delays

The Unit For Observation, as Kooi's security camera is officially called, easily monitors the entire structure under construction. \Most importantly, the UFO keeps an eye on all materials,\ Kleefstra explains. \More and more construction sites are becoming victims of material theft. This causes annoying and, above all, costly delays.\

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If the UFO detects suspicious persons or other strange movements in the car park outside working hours, an alarm and a loud message scare them off in almost all cases. If the alert is not heeded, the Kooi Alarm Centre dispatchers can immediately call in the emergency services.