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31 March 2024

Kooi is teaming up with INTEC Energy Solutions in all solar projects in Italy. This requires close communication and flexibility from both parties to ensure accurate site security. “Despite facing security issues such as theft and vandalism, there are no obstacles hindering our collaboration.”  Recognising these challenges, owners must adopt proactive security measures to protect their investments.

As procurement engineer, Turkish Begüm Güngör oversees the security of INTEC projects in Europe, with a focus on Italy. “Overall, we are very pleased with the collaboration and information exchange. It’s working perfectly,” she says. Thanks to her predecessor, she got in touch with Kooi Camera Surveillance and met our sales manager Dieke van Bolderen. “The first time we met was in Italy in September last year when I took over the INTEC account,” says Dieke. 

Framework agreement

Kooi and INTEC have established a framework agreement for all solar projects in Europe, spanning from Italy to England and from Romania to Germany. “For Italy, Begüm understands best what security measures are needed,” states Dieke. “With the INTEC site managers familiar with the project locations, it becomes clear what security measures are required.” Begüm adds, “Most of the time, we rely on the Units For Observation, commonly referred to as UFO. This eliminates the necessity for security guards at every project site. The UFOs provided by Kooi are sufficient for our needs.”

Strategizing security measures

Meanwhile, the projects Baldacchino and Gallo Asunta in Agrigento, Sicily, have been successfully delivered without delays. Begüm and Dieke have developed an efficient way of collaborating. Dieke remarks, “For each project, we carefully consider which security measures are most suitable. Together, we make a solid security plan. Sometimes, relying solely on mobile camera security is sufficient, while other times, a combination of cameras and security guards is the best option.”

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Preventing theft and vandalism

While Begüm oversees security in general, site managers are responsible for security on the actual construction sites. They use the 247Kooi app daily to adjust working times and review footage in case of disturbances. Begüm comments, “There have been some incidents like intruders, but thorough communication from Kooi allowed us to prevent theft and vandalism. The contact with the Kooi Alarm Center is brief, which is beneficial as the centralists handle issues without disturbing us. We receive daily reports detailing what has occurred.”

Streamlining permits and insurance

With more than 700 experienced employees working globally and over 168 projects on its curriculum, INTEC faces new challenges regularly. Begüm notes, “Currently, projects are starting in Estonia, Romania, Germany, and Italy, of course. I keep Dieke informed, and together we make a plan. She also assists me with smooth permitting and insurance processes, which can often be time-consuming.” Dieke adds, “If we can ensure that INTEC uses mobile camera surveillance on the project, they can demonstrate that every precaution has been taken to secure the construction site. This significantly expedites the process.” 

Continued collaboration and success

The formal kick-off of collaboration has evolved into a reliable business and personal relationship. Current projects Rivarolo and Jalmicco are running smoothly. Dieke comments on Begüm: “We maintain open and transparent communication, connecting every two weeks. We freely exchange information, and that works perfectly well.” Begüm adds about Dieke, “It’s really nice that she’s always easy to reach, and otherwise, she always responds promptly, often within the hour. There are no obstacles in our collaboration, and we are committed to its continuation.”

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