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12 December 2022

The City of Amsterdam is facing the huge task of replacing 200 km of the quay walls along its charming old inner-city canals. How do you do that without causing much inconvenience to residents? G-Kracht offered an innovative quay wall replacement method that significantly minimises its impact on a city. And our UFO travels along on the floating pontoon to ensure the safe progress of the project.

 G-Kracht is a new innovative methodology to future-proof cities and their quays. The G-Kracht consortium is one of three companies that is working on an innovative way to replace the quay walls of the Municipality of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the first city in which G-Kracht will develop the so-called GRB system, Amsterdam type (Giken Reaction Based system). The equipment to be deployed will be moved along the newly-installed quay structure. This means that both the roads and the water will remain available for normal use. The new quay structure will be installed using a vibration-free method. "This way there is less impact on the surrounding area, daily traffic and nature," project planner Noah Wols explains the unique method. 

Preventive effects of UFO

\In the past, residents had to take care of their own piece of the quay,\ Noah recounts. \That's why the quay has a different structure every five metres. A patchwork. But yesterday we were able to place six piles.\ And all under the watchful eye of the UFO. \I had expected to have more nuisance in the city centre but so far no intruders have been spotted. Probably it is also the preventive effect that comes from the UFO. Thanks to the camera's infrared light there is no light pollution so it does not cause any inconvenience to the residents.

23 Min

Competitive prices and good service

In all this, a UFO Prime oversees the safe and prosperous progress of the project. Noah: "First of all, we have smooth communication with Kooi's sales consultant on the positioning of the camera. Kooi also offers highly competitive pricing compared to other mobile camera surveillance providers. The UFO oversees our piling pontoon with its heavy crane, containers and small equipment. Now it is placed on the quay for the best overview." The contractor Arjan Bot: "When the UFO moves with the pontoon, I call the Kooi Alarm Center (KAC) and together we coordinate its new position. That always goes well." In addition, Arjan Bot uses the 247Kooi app to adjust working hours so the KAC can take over the monitoring.

With our UFO hardly any supervision is needed

"It is also convenient that there is almost no supervision needed on the construction site. At other companies, one quickly sends supervisors in case of danger, but the UFO's alarm and loud warning message work just as well. And it's nice that we don't have to deal with emergency services like the police either. And the fixed price is a nice advantage," says Noah. G-Kracht is expected to soon renew a third of the 200-kilometre canal route. Even then, the UFO will faithfully sail along on the pontoons.

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