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13 February 2023

Waste management facilities are prone to costly and dangerous fire outbreaks. Innovative fire detection systems can help waste management teams quickly identify and respond to a fire. The Rising Early Detection (RED), our advanced thermometric camera, continuously monitors the temperature to stay ahead of the threat.

To help manage risk, Kooi offers a Rising Early Detection solution to Grundon Waste Management at their waste facility at Beenham in the UK. The site is a transfer station for a wide variety of household and commercial waste materials, including general waste, dry mixed recyclables, food waste, glass waste, green waste and waste wood and metals. The RED is monitoring all these different kinds of waste and detects unusual temperature rises and sends a direct alarm to the Kooi Alarm Center.

360-degree rotating and tilting camera with a range of 70.000 m2

Grundon Waste Management sought a fire detection solution. One of the employees of Grundon Waste Management had experience with our UFO RED in the past and he had a very positive experience, as we offer an efficient and cost-effective solution. Our innovative fire detection system utilises the minimum number of cameras while offering the greatest amount of coverage. The RED is equipped with a thermometric camera that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. It can detect heat up to a distance of 150 meters. In an optimal situation, one unit can detect an area of ​​70,000 m2.


The main reason for fires in waste plants

The main reason why fires are happening in waste plants is that there is no early fire detection system. Many waste plants installed flame, smoke or heat detectors. But those detectors generate an alarm when the fire, the smoke or the high temperature has reached the detector, which means that the fire already had time to develop and spread. With our Rising Early Detection, we can ensure that small fire sources can be extinguished quickly and easily in the initial fire development phase.

Direct intervention by the Kooi Alarm Center

The Kooi Alarm Center is a PAC-certified control room, that specialises in fire alarm monitoring. The centralists analyse incoming RED alarms. When there is a real threat, the alarm is verified in order to activate the agreed protocol. In addition, the operators of the Kooi Alarm Center keep an eye on the correct technical functioning of the system. We always make sure to inform you immediately whenever a fire hazard is detected.

Are you interested in preventing damages at your waste management facility and looking to invest in innovative fire detection? Contact Jesse Van der Veen and we will determine what is necessary to fully secure your facility using our fire detection systems.

‘Within Kooi, we are focusing on the customers' (hidden) needs and are connecting a high standard of quality to their demands’

Jesse has been working at Kooi since 2017 and for the last 6 months, he's been working as a Commercial Manager. His expertise lies within the commercial aspects and he is focusing on all countries within the European Union where our three other teams (Benelux, DACH and France) are not active.

J.Vanderveen Kooi

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