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23 February 2023

At this very moment, one of Europe’s leading providers in the storage of solar energy, Solarpro Holding, is creating two solar fields in Central Jutland, Denmark. Their projects in Kjellerup and Skive have been made even more secure with the help of Kooi's Units For Observation (UFOs). Project manager Valeri Ivanov is thrilled with the UFOs' presence, stating, "Everything is working smoothly. I am really satisfied with the UFOs."

It is the first time Ivanov experiences the Units For Observation of Kooi Camera Surveillance on the job. “I knew Kooi already. Last year, I met sales manager Kees Glandorff at another project, and he told me all about the UFO’s. But then the client preferred the live storage guard. This time he changed his mind, and now we have proceeded with the Kooi solution.” 

UFO PROs guarding Kjellerup Marvinslund

At Kjellerup Marvinslund, a 7.4 Megawatt project, two UFO Pros are strategically positioned with a 360° PTZ camera and two motion sensors on top of the mast. The Pro is specially developed for larger construction sites where a permanent power connection is available 24/7. The combination of fixed and wireless detectors makes it possible to secure all corners of the site. Once installed in a corner of the construction site and extended to the maximum height of six meters, the UFO Pro has an impressive reach of up to 100 meters. Ivanov: “Together with the site manager, the transporter positioned the UFO systems on the exact right spots on the site.”

Marsvinslund Pic2

Deterring unwanted visitors and preventing damage

At GreenLab Skive Project, a solar field of 32.6 megawatts is guarded by five UFO Mediums and two UFO PROs. The Medium is ideal for remote locations and in addition to the infrared light, this camera surveillance solution has flashlights, which can be turned on to deter unwanted visitors. Furthermore, the large zoom range makes it possible to capture details like license plates and faces. The Kooi Alarm Center takes direct action using built-in deterrents. Everything to prevent damage, destruction, and costly delays in the construction of solar fields.

UFOs on duty for the next five months

In both projects, the UFO’s have the storage, equipment, solar panels and inverters for precise detection to make sure thieves and vandals will not make their move. “And everything is working smoothly,” reflects Ivanov. “I am really satisfied with the UFO’s. I receive daily reports of what has happened the night before which is nice. Until now, no incidents whatsoever have happened and I am really happy about that. Quite a relief.” As it stands, the UFO’s will be on duty for the next five months. 

Providing optimal security level

Solar energy is a rapidly growing industry, and it's vital that we protect the investments being made in solar projects. The partnership between Solarpro Holding and Kooi Camera Surveillance is a great example of how technology can be used to safeguard solar fields from theft and vandalism. With the help of Kooi's Units For Observation, Solarpro's projects in Kjellerup and Skive are well-protected and secure.

Would you like to ensure the security of your solar farm construction site? Contact Kees Glandorff for more information about our remote camera solutions.

'Always a pleasure to work for Kooi with the customer in front to provide the best solution and service.'

Kees Glandorff, our accomplished Sales Manager, oversees projects throughout the Nordics region. With a profound focus on the wind and solar sectors, his expertise is invaluable in guaranteeing the utmost safety and security for your site.

K.Glandorff Kooi

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