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Mobile surveillance unit

Unit For Observation

Do you want to use a mobile camera unit for your security? We work with an advanced UFO (Unit For Observation).

Our mobile security cameras are known for delivering crystal clear images day and night, while our loudspeakers and sirens deter intruders. Curious about how we can deploy a mobile camera unit for your company? Give us a call for a no-obligation consultation!

Securing with a mobile camera unit

It goes without saying that having a mobile surveillance system is of utmost importance to companies within various industries. Looking at our portfolio, you will notice that we have installed mobile surveillance units at solar parks, construction sites, business parks and parking lots. Our mobile cctv camera unit has several useful features:

  • Razor-sharp images
  • Infrared for night vision
  • Sirens and speakers for deterring intruders
  • 4G connection to our own Kooi Alarm Center
  • Power supply included

Mobile camera system connected to the alarm center

Through a 4G connection, each mobile security camera is wirelessly connected to the Kooi Alarm Center. Our staff is keeping an eye out, 24/7, intervening where necessary. When the police or security has to be mobilized, you can leave that up to us. On top of that, you will not have to pay any extra costs, since everything is included as standard in our rates.

Fortunately, follow-up is usually not necessary. Each camera has a siren and a loudspeaker to deter intruders. This prevents most incidents. Although the cameras can be equipped with batteries, a power connection on site is desirable. This can be done by way of a Power Box or a Solar Power Unit.

Mobile camera mast internationally deployable

Are you in need of a camera unit? We have established our company in a large number of European countries. Besides the Netherlands, you will find us in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Scandinavian countries.

When you choose to use mobile video surveillance, we will provide you with our customized services. Each camera unit has a range of no less than 30,000 M². This allows us to capture large areas in full view. In addition, the advantage of a mobile surveillance camera is that we can quickly adapt to changes on a terrain.

Cutting costs with mobile camera security

Using invigilating security guards is not cheap. By opting for a mobile camera unit, the deployment of personnel is kept to a minimum. Situations can be properly assessed day and night from the Kooi Alarm Center, while sirens and voice messages chase away intruders through the loudspeakers.

All in all, Kooi provides a cost-effective solution to your security problem. We will happily provide you with a free quote, in order to keep you updated on the cost of mobile camera security.

Mobile camera unit: expert service, personal contact

Is having one or more units for observation the solution to your security problem? We will be happy to perform a free security check. Personal contact and expert service are paramount at Kooi.

Do not wait any longer, get your security on track. Choosing for Kooi means that your mobile camera unit will be installed in the most cost-efficient way possible!

You are assured of

24/7 surveillance
24/7 surveillance
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Kooi Alarm Center
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Inhouse engineering
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