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14 March 2023

In the beautiful land of Sicily, amidst the ancient ruins and stunning natural beauty, the red-black-white coloured Kooi UFOs have been installed at the prestigious Blusolar project in Syracuse, adding to the beauty of the already mesmerising landscape.

Sicily, with its vast plains, was once the granary for the Roman republic. Today, it is the ideal location for large solar fields due to the abundant sunshine hours, making it the region with the highest amount of sunshine hours in all of Italy. The global horizontal irradiation yearly has an average value of 1800 kWh/m2! 

Providing optimal security

To protect the precious materials on the large construction site, Kooi has been asked to keep a watchful eye on it. Our international Sales Manager Dieke van Bolderen just returned from Sicily, where she visited the location with her colleague Jelmer Kloosterman. “Our Units For Observation are perfect for tasks like these, she says. “It’s a very large area so we shipped three UFO Go’s and eleven UFO Primes to Augusta and then we installed them in the right position to ensure optimal security.” Additionally, ten Solar Power Units are present to supply fully green power to the UFOs.

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Solar park Blusolar Augusta 1

The Blusolar Augusta 1 project is an 80.2 Megawatt solar park of five fields, where COMAL Group has installed bifacial photovoltaic modules that convert sunlight to electricity on both sides of the PV modules. However, what makes this project unique is that it was made possible through crowdfunding among the entire Italian population, and the citizens of Augusta can benefit from a financial return as well!

Joining forces with local experts

An overseas project like Sicily is a challenging one, according to solar sales manager Almar Kleefstra. He got in touch with COMAL the first time about 18 months ago on the Intersolar of 2021. “Sicily is different from any other part of Europe. Because of the socio-economic circumstances, it is important to work together with local suppliers.” That’s why Kooi is happy to join forces on this project with Cosmo Security as a local expert. Manager Operations International Jelmer Kloosterman states: “Our cameras help the guards and vice versa. For the guards, it is much safer to let us evaluate what happens before they move to the scene. So a real team effort.” Dieke adds. “It’s a high-risk area with a real danger of theft and damage so teamwork with a local security company is extremely important.” The UFOs will continue to guard the site until the project is completed later this year.

Intec solar project is secured in Agrigento

The Kooi team also visited a solar park of Intec Energy Solutions in southern Agrigento, where other high-performance bifacial PV modules are being installed. Dieke: “Two autonomously operating UFO Mediums powered by a Powerbox are keeping these sites secure.” 

If you're looking for advanced crime detection, then our remote video surveillance solutions are here for you. We help detect, deter, and defend against criminal activity. Contact Dieke van Bolderen and she will determine what is necessary to fully secure your project site using temporary and mobile camera surveillance.

'The only way to do great work is to love what you do'

Dieke joined the Kooi team in 2022 as an International Sales Manager. She is specialising in the renewable energy sector and her focus is now lying on expanding our business in Italy and Greece. Get in touch with Dieke for more information.

D.Van Bolderen Kooi

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