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10 October 2022

In the inhospitable part of Finland, some 450 kilometres north of Helsinki, Winda Energy is building a 45-megawatt wind farm called Hautakangas-Kinnula Wind Farm. Eight Nordex N163-5.7 turbines are rising there. Inhospitable or not, an eye needs to be kept on this too. The UFOs of Kooi Camera Surveillance are therefore on standby.

Site manager Nuno Pereira of Nordex once again describes the area: "A lot of wood, snow, light and in summer also a lot of mosquitoes." The good-humoured Portuguese explains that camera security is a pure necessity here too. "Preventing theft is the main goal. It is not a question of whether anything is stolen. We know for sure that it happens." Theft means very costly delays. And so sales manager Kees Glandorff of Kooi has installed one UFO (Unit For Observation) Prime to guard the compound and one UFO Medium with a Powerbox generator moving around the premises by crane.


Pereira knows Kooi well since he first met the Dutch company four years ago. “My experience with Kooi is quite good. When I ask: they deliver. Sometimes I request special videos or pictures and they send it right away. Luckily we haven’t had any incidents yet.” Beside the UFO’s there is also the support of a security company who sends guards to the three Nordex projects in the area to survey. It’s everybody’s hope and wish that the wind farm will be fully operational at the end of 2022 without any delay.

'Always a pleasure to work for Kooi with the customer in front to provide the best solution and service.'

Kees Glandorff, our accomplished Sales Manager, oversees projects throughout the Nordics region. With a profound focus on the wind and solar sectors, his expertise is invaluable in guaranteeing the utmost safety and security for your site.

K.Glandorff Kooi

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