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10 November 2022

With the signing of a renewed cooperation contract with Enercon, Kooi Camera surveillance will continue to provide mobile camera security on the projects of the Germans frontrunner in the wind energy market in Europe. “Our long-existing collaboration gets a new impulse with this buildup of an even more strategic partnership,” says Kees van der Leij, managing director of Kooi.

Enercon, one of the world's leading companies in the wind energy industry, was the first client of Kooi Security in 2010. The relationship between Enercon and Kooi grew better ever since. Dirk Fenger, Global Category Manager of Enercon: “Our relationship is very close. I was in a lucky situation to meet founder Pieter Kooi with our first assignment in 2010. And to see the development and how Kooi supported us and grew with us makes me really proud of what we achieved together.”

Why choose Kooi camera surveillance?

Besides Germany, Kooi serviced mobile camera security of Enercon-projects all over Europe: Greece, England, Belgium, Scotland, Lithuania, Estonia and The Netherlands for example. Fenger: “The strength of Kooi is its drive to innovate and mature technics. Also, the high service level and 24/7 availability are big advantages and differences from the competition. Furthermore, Kooi has everything in-house so there are no intermediate parties involved.”  

On the photo: In the far north of the Netherlands, at Eemshaven, Enercon and Kooi collaborated on the Windpark Oostpolder project.

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Facing new challenges

Looking forward, Kooi Camera Surveillance and Enercon both face some big challenges in the years ahead. Markets have changed due to worldwide crises, COVID and the war in Ukraine. For Enercon for instance it’s the increasing demand for wind turbines and the extension of its wind turbines from 2 megawatts to 4 and later on even 10MW. For Kooi, it’s important to keep up production of the Units for Observation (UFO) due to the growing demand. “We started with a pilot in Germany twelve years ago and now Kooi and Enercon are collaborating in almost every country in Europe. So, with our long history together we are sure we will work on these challenges and achieve our targets,” says Fenger. Van der Leij agrees. “When we pick up this task in an innovative way I think we will remain successful together.”

Do you want to know more about our camera surveillance options? Find more about our security solutions for wind projects or request your free security check right away!