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09 February 2023

Mobile surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide businesses with many advantages over traditional fixed-location security cameras. In many ways, mobile surveillance cameras are a more effective solution for the security needs of today, where the environment is ever-changing and the ability to quickly and easily reposition cameras is essential to staying ahead of the curve.

One of the most obvious advantages of Kooi Camera Surveillance solutions is their portability. Instead of being fixed in one location, our Units for Observation (UFO’s) can be easily moved to different locations depending on the situation. For example, in a construction setting, a mobile camera can be moved to different areas during different stages of the project to monitor the site. This allows businesses to keep an eye on different areas of the site and track suspicious activity that may occur.

Cost-efficient solution

Another advantage of our mobile surveillance cameras is that they are often less expensive to install than fixed-location cameras. Since our UFO’s do not require wiring or a dedicated power source, they can be installed in locations that would not be possible with a traditional security system. This allows businesses to take advantage of the latest surveillance technology without breaking the bank.

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Flexible monitoring solutions

In addition to being more cost-effective and portable, Kooi mobile surveillance cameras also offer greater flexibility when it comes to monitoring. Since they can be easily repositioned, they can be used to monitor any area of the solar or wind farms, construction sites, business and industrial parks, as well as parking lots. The advantage of a mobile surveillance unit is that we can swiftly adjust to the changes in your site and oversee areas that may be difficult to keep an eye on with a fixed-location camera.

High level of security

Our mobile surveillance cameras also provide a higher level of security than traditional cameras. They are designed to be more durable and reliable and can withstand the elements better than fixed-location cameras. This makes them ideal for outdoor use and makes it easier to protect projects from potential security threats.

Monitor your project sites with the 247kooi App

Finally, our mobile surveillance solutions allow businesses and project leaders to access the footage and information from anywhere in the world. Our 247kooi app has extensive functionality that makes it unique in the industry. Not only can you watch camera footage from anywhere in the world, but you can also alter your desired settings such as security times and reports, anytime you want. This makes it easy to make sure that the security system is functioning properly, and that any suspicious activity is quickly detected.

Overall, our mobile surveillance cameras offer many advantages over traditional security cameras. They are more portable, cost-effective, and offer greater flexibility when it comes to monitoring. Are you curious about our video surveillance solutions? We would be happy to perform a free security check for you and determine what is necessary to fully secure your project site using our temporary and mobile camera surveillance.