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16 April 2020

The Rising Early Detection (RED) system is an extremely reliable heat monitoring system that warns you when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. It works on waste disposal sites by accurately analysing temperature trends.

It monitors these sites 24/7, using a high-tech 360-degree camera system. Has the temperature threshold been exceeded and is there therefore a potential risk of fire? The customer is the first to know about this innovative monitoring system.

No false alarms

An alarm is only sent if actually necessary. In such a case, the RED system will have measured a deviation in the surface temperature. Note that this smart system is clever enough to know when the heat it detects is erroneous, i.e. when its source is a vehicle for example. Any alarms generated are received by 'Kooi’s Alarm Centre', a certified PAC control room. A control room operator analyses each alarm as they come in and performs, where necessary, the protocol agreed upon with the customer in advance. In a nutshell: no more false alarms, thanks to a combination of new technologies and Kooi Security’s expertise.

Live monitoring 24/7

The RED system physically comprises a mobile 360-degree camera with coverage of 70,000 m2 and a reserve battery for a power outage. RED’s software is self-evident in Kooi’s Alarm Centre. A big advantage of having one’s control room is that one is not distracted by traditional burglary, robbery or fire alarms. Importantly, Kooi Security only analyses images from its own products. So this allows us to fully focus on our customer's panoramic footage. Moreover, Kooi Security will monitor your fire risks 24/7. A unique feature of our system is that customers can also watch live via our RED portal 24/7.

Peace of mind & trust

Customers can view live footage of their company using personal login codes – anytime and anywhere. This results in peace of mind and trust. Kooi Security is aware that the recycling and waste sector is under scrutiny since the risk of fire at such sites is relatively high. Moreover, pressure from insurance companies and environmental permit requirements increase every year. RED provides maximum security and peace of mind!


  • Be the first to be alerted of a risk of fire
  • The expert team at the unique Kooi Alarm Centre
  • Extremely reliable, so no false alarms
  • Watch live 24/7 via your RED portal