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08 September 2022

Now that insurance companies are requiring the presence of security cameras, the RED cameras of Kooi can be found in more and more warehouses of waste processors and recycling companies. Such as at Avri in Geldermalsen. "Kooi has its own alarm centre which ensures that the fire brigade is on the scene quickly in the event of an emergency. That is Kooi's strength," says Peter Pals of the waste processor.

With over 250 employees, Avri ensures that the waste in the Rivierengebied is collected and processed. Pals: 'We collect household waste and also sort the waste that companies bring in. We have several waste collection centres. The waste is unloaded and transferred here for transport to the processors. For the past ten years or so, we have also been managing the public areas on behalf of the municipality.” Pals is responsible for the buildings and the grounds and, with his team, for safety. "Three years ago, the insurance companies made camera surveillance in our halls compulsory. We then sounded out a number of parties. Kooi was the only one who took care of the follow-up. Because we do not yet have a alarm-duty with colleagues who can take action in the event of danger, this is the ideal solution."


Since 2019, Avri has therefore relied entirely on the RED camera that is positioned in the middle of the main hall. The camera detects increasing temperatures in dirt bumps, which can prevent scalding or fire. \The nice thing is that you have your own control room. We indicated what we liked and now we have agreed on a protocol that works.\ The RED continuously makes a tour through the hall. In the process, it scans the temperature of all the dirt in the compartments. \Such a tour takes two minutes and that is sufficient for the insurer. It works and I am happy with that,\ says Pals. \And in case of an emergency, the fire brigade can be here within ten minutes.\

In the photo: Batteries in particular regularly catch fire in piles of household waste.

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Total care

In April 2020, a fire broke out in the Geldermalsen warehouse. "The footage showed that a battery in the waste bump suddenly ignited. At the top of the container you suddenly see a flame jet and a few seconds later it is completely on fire and the fire also spreads to the waste around it." Rapid detection by the RED and alerting prevented worse. A second fire, starting in the same waste area, was also detected in time, limiting the fire to two containers. "All in all, we are very satisfied with our cooperation with Kooi," concludes Pals. "It's the total care package that they offer the customer and gives us the peace of mind."