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11 June 2024

Kooi Camera Surveillance has recently expanded its operations to Italy, establishing an office in Milan and assembling a sales team ready for action. As the European leader in mobile camera surveillance, Kooi is firmly establishing its presence. "We can alleviate all safety concerns at construction sites, as well as in wind and solar parks under development," says project manager Stefano Cefis.

Stefano's all-round expertise makes him the ideal person to spearhead Kooi's sales journey in Italy. “I guess it must be the combination of my experience in logistics, technology, and security,” reflects Stefano. He refers to his time at Hytem, where he handled sales in the renewable naval industry, followed by a role in Health & Security at Getir before becoming a self-employed Marine consultant.

Meeting customer needs

With all this experience in fast-changing environments, Stefano's new role at Kooi presents no different challenge. In Sicily, projects like Baldacchino and Gallo Asunta in Agrigento have been successfully delivered without delays. The Units for Observation (UFO) of Kooi performed admirably there. “The system is very simple and efficient,” says Stefano. “It has everything the customer needs. It’s easy to install and manage. Some customers are already accustomed to installing the UFOs themselves. Additionally, it's the Kooi service that stands out. All worries are alleviated, allowing the customer to sleep well at night!”

Blk In Ufo

Understanding regional dynamics

With his deep knowledge of Italy, Stefano is aware of the specific cultural nuances and characteristics of each region. “People in the north are pretty straightforward and to the point, while in the South, a more localized approach and personal connections work best. Furthermore, you often need security guards as co-partners and intermediaries. Moreover, the business is divided between construction in the north and wind and solar projects in the south,” he notes.

Service and dedication

Teaming up with sales counterpart Alberto Staffini, Stefano has his battle plan ready. “On one hand, we will cherish our existing customers through our service and dedication, and on the other hand, we will gradually expand using our extensive network.” The approach remains consistent: deploying UFOs tailored to each area and industry to prevent theft or vandalism, thus averting costly delays. Furthermore, Kooi's dedicated centralists at the Alarm Center monitor cameras round-the-clock, with follow-ups by the police offered free of charge.

Team Italy is highly motivated to turn Kooi Italy into a success. Stefano: “Of course, there is some competition but we have 95% of the market to discover and I am convinced we can manage it!” If you're interested in enhancing security at your construction site or wind and solar projects, don't hesitate to get in touch with Stefano. He is eager to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure the safety of your assets. 


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