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21 September 2022

KOOI proudly joins the partnership of FEDEREC, the professional French federation of recycling companies. As specialist of mobile camera surveillance and fire detection KOOI hopes to assist the 1300 enterprises in recycling in preventing fires in waste storages. “We know from experience how traumatic fires in huge waste dumps can be for the people who work in this branche. For them we offer a very effective solution in heat detection that covers a large area and works better than the human eye can monitor,” says Asen Mokrani, General Manager KOOI France.

For FEDEREC safety and security is an important topic. “Recycle companies have a big problem with fires mainly caused by lithium batteries. People often forget to separate their waste at home, leaving batteries in their domestic waste. In our partnership program we’d like to work with parties who offer the best solutions for our members,” explains Gaelle Tremaudan from FEDEREC. “And we believe that KOOI has the solution for this problem. Its technology seems effective for the problems our companies face.”


This solution is the RED (Rising Early Detection). An advanced thermometric camera that continuously monitors the temperature in waste storage to stay ahead of the threat of a fire. Mokrani: “We can certainly be of use for the members of FEDEREC. By providing the waste storages with our innovative fire detection system, recycle companies significantly reduce the risk of fire, eventual damages, and associated costs.”  The next weeks FEDEREC will bring the new partnership with KOOI under the attention of its members. As supplier partner KOOI will demonstrate its RED at FEDEREC events. Tremaudan: “The approaching visit of our General Assemblée of the regions where we are established is also a beautiful opportunity for KOOI to demonstrate the RED-camera.”

In the photo: Batteries in particular regularly catch fire in piles of household waste.

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