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Anastassia -
16 February 2023

The project manager at Colas Danmark A/S gravel pit in Bregningevej, Denmark, Ole Bülow Christensen, reached out to us after a series of robberies took place at their site. The intruders stole expensive computer parts from the machines used on the site for the gravel work. To ensure security on the site, we strategically placed two of our Units for Observation (UFO) to have a comprehensive view of the area, allowing us to monitor the facility for any potential security risks.

Remote and temporary camera surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular in ensuring the safety of sites such as gravel pits and construction sites. Colas Danmark A/S is a nationwide asphalt contractor with asphalt plants and branches throughout Denmark. Large and expensive materials and equipment are used during the extraction of raw materials and production of asphalt in their gravel pits. One of the UFO Primes was placed to oversee the whole site and the second one was placed to keep an eye specifically on the machines and the entrance.  With our innovative camera surveillance solutions, we help prevent delays and damage to their projects.

Ideal solution for boosting security and preventing robberies

Our systems are typically used in areas which would otherwise be difficult to monitor or patrol, making them an ideal solution for boosting security and preventing robberies. In addition, our systems can be set up in a very short amount of time, allowing for quick deployment to a site that might otherwise be difficult to secure. This is especially important for gravel pits and construction sites, which may be subject to frequent changes or disruptions. 


Preventing incidents

Our remote camera surveillance systems also provide a deterrent to potential criminals. Each of our UFOs has a siren and speaker to deter intruders. These prevent most incidents. When necessary, we take care of the deployment of police or security guards. If a criminal knows that their activities are being monitored, they are less likely to attempt a robbery or other criminal activity.

Your site is secured with our camera surveillance

Overall, our remote camera surveillance solutions can be a great way to ensure the safety of a site such as a gravel pit or construction site. By providing a deterrent to potential criminals and providing valuable evidence if a crime does occur, these systems can help to keep a site safe and secure. Are you curious about how secure your location is? Contact Kees Glandorff for a free security check to determine your needs for your site security.

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Kees is an International Sales Manager at Kooi. He has been working for Kooi for three years now. His expertise lies in the Wind and Solar industries. Kees currently oversees projects in Scandinavia.

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