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25 July 2023

In the densely forested municipality of Skara, Sweden, one 'tree' stands out amid the pine trees. It’s Modvion’s wind turbine with a tower completely made from laminated wood - nature’s very own carbon fibre. This remarkable structure will reach a height of 105 meters, making it the tallest of its kind. For project manager Stefan Salomonsson, this marks his 16th project in collaboration with Kooi Camera Surveillance. He notes, 'I've noticed a significant reduction in break-ins since the UFOs of Kooi started monitoring my projects.'

Commissioned by Varberg Energi, the turbine showcases numerous sustainable advantages over traditional steel towers. 'During manufacturing, we can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%. Moreover, the wood actively stores carbon, making the tower carbon-negative,'  explains Communications Manager Sara Woodgate. 'That means it stores more carbon than it emits during production. The laminate wood product we use is also 55% stronger than the steel employed in steel towers and surprisingly lightweight.'

Break-ins have decreased

As the tower modules are being brought into place, the site becomes more visible to the public. Stefan Salomonsson, an experienced project manager, foresees an increase in visitors, stating, "That will attract some visitors. It's like a magnet." Thanks to Kooi Camera Surveillance's UFO Medium, security is not a concern. Salomonsson acknowledges his longstanding partnership with Kooi, sharing, "I've known Kooi for a very long time. Before that, I used security guards who visited the site in rotation. However, once they were gone, intruders took advantage and broke into containers, stealing valuable equipment and tools. They kept coming back." With Kooi's video surveillance protecting the site, Salomonsson can confidently focus on the project, knowing his valuable assets are well-secured.

Stefan 1

Preventing vandalism

Sara Woodgate is witnessing Kooi’s camera security solutions in action for the first time. She emphasizes, "It's crucial for us that the project doesn't face delays due to theft or vandalism." However, Stefan Salomonsson has observed a concerning new trend. He notes, "At wind turbine construction sites, thieves have always been highly interested in equipment and tools. But lately, there have been a few incidents where people deliberately damage the materials." Since implementing the UFO Medium at the site, no incidents of vandalism have been reported.

Advantages of the 247Kooi app

In addition to its role in monitoring the site to prevent theft, Salomonsson relies on the 247Kooi app for another essential purpose. He explains, "I use it to check weather conditions. If a storm is approaching, I can assess whether we need to secure certain goods or pallets. It allows me to proactively send workers to the site to take necessary precautions. Similarly, during heavy snowfall, I can arrange for people to clean the roads beforehand, ensuring we don't lose valuable working hours. The app significantly enhances our work efficiency."

Experience the power of Kooi Camera Surveillance in safeguarding your projects. From reducing thefts to proactive security measures, our advanced systems and the 247Kooi app ensure a secure environment for your valuable assets. Get in touch with us today to discuss how our camera security efforts can elevate your project's success and protect your investments.

'Always a pleasure to work for Kooi with the customer in front to provide the best solution and service.'

Kees Glandorff, our accomplished Sales Manager, oversees projects throughout the Nordics region. With a profound focus on the wind and solar sectors, his expertise is invaluable in guaranteeing the utmost safety and security for your site.

K.Glandorff Kooi

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