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Kooi today announced its acquisition of the German company Argosguard. Kooi specializes in temporary camera security and the 100%-takeover is in line with Kooi’s growth strategy. For some time now, Kooi has targeted the international market with a view to creating a world in which one can build on the future in a safer way. "Our aim is to create a world in which one can leave one's construction site unattended with peace of mind. We ensure this by employing surveillance, signalling and preventing incidents and taking action", said CEO Pieter Kooi.

Kooi is the specialist in temporary camera surveillance and heat detection and deploys its expertise within various sectors, such as construction, infrastructure, wind energy, solar energy and the recycling and waste sector.

Argosguard is known for its exclusivity and has offices in Austria (Vienna) and Germany (Postdam). In total, Argosguard has a fleet of products similar to those of Kooi. The company is internationally active in the construction, infrastructure, energy and automotive industries. "This takeover means that we now also have a solid base in Austria."

Kooi is focusing on profit growth and European expansion. With offices in 4 different European countries, the company employs 130 people in more than 20 European countries. The partnership means new offices in Austria and Germany. Realising growth in surrounding countries will be easier from these locations. "We certainly don't rule out having several locations abroad."

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