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27 May 2022

Konsulent Michael Jörgensen meets Hans Faerck from CJ A/S in Fredericia. “We do construction, roadwork, concrete and housing,” Hans explains. He’s pretty much convinced of the added value of the UFO’s as the 24/7 remote surveillance cameras are called.

UFO stands for Unit For Observation. “We cherish our green goals and I really like the quality plus the reduced diesel consumption of the generators (Power Boxes) that keep the system running. You need no one to refill them. It costs quite a lot of money to have that done on the weekend.”


For camera surveillance, CJ A/S uses another party at the moment. “A lot of sites like large companies like Shell, Q8 and Carlsberg are surrounded by high fences and guards with dogs. But we also have a lot of sites in open areas, like the harbour of Odense. We have an excavator with quite an expensive 2000-litre diesel tank. We don’t want this to be stolen. We already had some cases of theft recently. A small loading wagon was stolen. Pretty expensive.”

In the photo Michael (right) and Hans Faerck from CJ.   

DSC 0121

Michael parts with a handshake and the promise of Egenproduktionschef Hans that he’s invited to install a UFO on a site and to give a demonstration on the staff day. Mission accomplished!