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In 2018 the work began on the conversion of Groningen's southern ring road. The plan ensures a more accessible city and region, for this generation and those of the future.

The southern ring road is about twelve kilometres long and runs straight through the city of Groningen. The project is intended to ensure that traffic flows more smoothly and that all destinations in the city are more easily accessible. In this way, the ring road will be better integrated into its surroundings; this will improve the quality of life and thus also safety.

We keep an eye out on your site

Kooi is securing the building site during the development phase of this project. Because of our presence, valuable building materials are protected, and unwanted visitors are excluded from the site. Without endangering anyone, we analyse the situation remotely with our camera security systems that are connected 24/7 to our PAC-certified Kooi Alarm Centre. We do this during construction both in the evening hours and at weekends.

We monitor the development process of this project with our expertise in the field of site design, surveillance and associated follow-up. We create places that you can leave behind with peace of mind. Places where no one should be looking for anything. So, the work can continue the following day.