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A strong partnership

in the field of security

The security firm Ferwerda Beveiliging B.V. provides its clients with a total security solution that includes mobile surveillance, property security, traffic controllers, security plans, emergency alarm buttons and much, much more. "We sell trust and confidence by providing a service that dispels our clients’ worries and caters for all their security needs from A to Z. We are their contact for their entire security solution trajectory", said Bauke Ferwerda, General Manager of Ferwerda Beveiliging B.V.

Ferwerda Beveiliging B.V. purchases or hires additional services and products from renowned companies when needed. Kooi is one of them.

"We have known Kooi for a long time and even had an office in their building for two years. At that time, we talked to each other regularly and the lines of communication were short. Together, we were able to strengthen each other's growth. Although we are now in a different building, communication is still good."

At present, Kooi and Ferwerda Beveiliging B.V. mainly cooperate in the field of camera security on construction sites, solar parks and at branches of the GGD.

"We are extremely happy with Kooi’s cooperation. If we urgently need temporary camera security, it can be arranged just like that. That really is a huge advantage. And Kooi is quick to solve any issues, whether that’s simply remedying a problem or improving matters to yield a positive outcome One call and it's done. They’re fantastic!"
Bauke Ferwerda
Managing Director

We keep an eye out on your site

Kooi is also a reliable partner for other security firms. Kooi is accustomed to securing premises and sites with temporary, mobile camera security. So we can prevent theft, vandalism and keep trespassers away. We can analyse a situation remotely with our camera security systems that are connected to our PAC-certified Kooi Alarm Center 24/7, thereby dispelling our customers’ security concerns.

Kooi can deliver quickly and brings specialist knowledge and experience to bear to ensure optimum security.

We create places that you can leave with peace of mind at the end of the day. So that your work can resume as usual the next day.

Sales Manager Almar Kooi
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