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Waste and recycling

Prevent the risk of fire with mobile heat detection

In the waste and recycling sector, waste is sorted, crushed, incinerated or composted and there is a significant risk of overheating and fire.

While an exothermic chemical reaction between certain substances may cause overheating, there may also be direct risk of fire owing to the type of waste (e.g. lithium batteries, etc.). These fires can quickly spread causing substantial damage to your site and/or machinery. Furthermore, loss or damage that causes environmental damage may harm your public image and/or endanger your business operations.

As a company in this sector, you must therefore have early detection equipment to prevent a major fire from occurring. We have developed an innovative heat detection system especially for this purpose: RED (Rising Early Detection). RED is ideal for monitoring the temperature of heat-forming and fire-sensitive (waste) products.

Total solution

RED offers you a total solution. We work with a 24/7-detection system that uses trend analysis. RED has a rotating thermometric camera that continuously records the temperature in your waste storage. An alarm is immediately sent to our Kooi Alarm Centre if the temperature exceeds a set value. RED can be deployed quickly as a fully autonomous system in fixed and mobile configurations. We also offer various support products such as power and internet facilities. You can follow the process anytime via a live-view portal. In this way, we can offer you the assurance you are looking for.

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