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Wind farm security to reduce threats

As the current society increasingly relies on wind energy, a solid wind farm security is getting more important. Research shows that it takes less than a minute to pick a lock of an unsupervised turbine.

Although the windmill won’t be stolen, a lot of damage can be done, such as destruction or the hacking of the systems. Kooi has a lot of expertise in the field of security of widespread surfaces throughout Europe. Years of research and innovation have resulted in high-quality security systems to protect wind farms. The security cameras (UFO’s) are equipped with infrared technology to detect trespassers day and night. Our own Kooi Alarm Center fully manned by security specialist that are trained to solve and reduce any threat. Fill in our contact form to get more information about wind farm security.  

wind farm security to reduce threats
windfarm protection cameras

Wind farm protection with high-quality camera systems

The remoteness of the windfarms makes them an attractive target for malicious entities. There are multiple reasons why the parks are vulnerable. Therefore, it’s important to secure a windfarm with a high-quality camera that detects movement.

With only one mobile surveillance unit we can protect areas up to 30.000 m2. The wide range of the camera system enables us to cover large-scale areas in an effective way, which decreases the need of expensive security guards. The centralists at the control room can operate the devices from remote, which means they can activate deterrents like an alarm, light or speaker. Usually, this kind of wind farm protection turns out to be an effective way to ward off intruders before they have an opportunity to cause harm to the turbines. Secure your wind mills and let us prepare a quotation to determine the costs.


What kind of power supply is suitable for the devices?

Most wind farms are placed in remote areas, like widespread grasslands or even at sea.  Moreover, the turbines are located outside without access to the mains. This won’t cause a problem, because we provide multiple alternative energy sources to power the wind farm security.

Kooi offers three kinds of power supplies. The Power Box is a generator that you can rely on. This solution provides a reliable amount of energy to the wind farm security systems. The next option is the Solar Power Unit, which functions on sunlight. This is the 100% green option, that supplies enough energy during the right weather conditions. Looking for a combination of a reliable and environmental friendly power supply? Then we recommend the hybrid power box, which is an aggregate with solar panels. We can draw up a tailor-made solution to determine which power supply is suitable for the devices that protect the windfarm.


suitable power sources for wind farm security
windmill security is a profitable investment

Windmill security is a profitable investment

The scale of the windmills makes them nearly impossible to steal. However, this is not the only risk you have to worry about. Trespassers will keep trying access the terrain with the turbines.

Our wind mill security will detect intruders as soon as they try to enter the property without permission. But there are more reasons why windfarm security is a profitable investment such as:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring;
  • Infrared technology;
  • Camera’s with a range of 30.000 m2;
  • Direct follow-up;
  • International security coverage;
  • PAC-Certified Kooi Alarm Center;

Curious about the costs to protect a wind farm? Our personnel is happy to prepare a quotation with more information about the expenses.

Kooi provides wind farm protection throughout Europe

Kooi security is an international player in the field of security. Our employment started with an office in the Netherlands, but thanks to our innovative technology and service we have been able to expand to several European countries. Nowadays, we have offices in Germany, France, Spain, Scandinavia and the UK.

Unlike other wind farm security companies, Kooi has its own PAC-Certified Alarm Centres that are located throughout Europe. We make sure that the camera footage is sent directly to one of the alarm centres within the borders of your country. This enables the security guards to act quickly in case of emergency. Contact us if you want to know if Kooi provides wind farm protection in your area.


wind farm protection throughout Europe
247 security of windfarms

24/7 Security of wind farm from the Kooi Alarm Center

A stable connection to the Kooi Alarm Center is needed to ensure a proper security for wind farms. The devices are equipped with a 4G wireless connection to CCTV Monitoring, where security specialists keep an eye on the incoming footage.

The security cameras for wind farms are equipped with technology to detect movement. When an intruder is noticed by the system, it will sent a signal to the Kooi Alarm Centre. The centralists can activate the deterrents remotely by activating the built-in speakers, alarm or lights. In most cases this is proven to be a sufficient solution against trespassers. We can perform a security check to determine what is needed to secure the windmills in an effective way.

What are the risks for wind farm without security

We can imagine that you don’t lay awake at night worrying about the theft of a wind turbine. However, there is a lot of damage that can be done to the wind farms. The reason that these areas are at great risk are among others the remote location, the lucrative parts and the easy access.

The first risks present themselves during the construction phase where new turbines are installed. In this period expensive machinery and parts are used, including copper. These parts are an attractive target for criminals that are looking to resell the expensive components. The lack of tools and can cause delays to the construction process. Moreover, a fully functioning wind farm faces the threat of hackers, that can take control over the network. Request more information about the risks that wind farms without security face from our specialists.

risks of windfarms without security

Frequently asked questions 


Do I have to pay extra when the emergency services are contacted?

When our centralists contact the emergency services, like the police, this is part of our service. Therefore, you don’t have to pay extra for direct follow-up.

How do the security guards react to suspicious circumstances?

The wind farm security systems notify the personnel at the Kooi Alarm Center if a suspicious situation is detected. The centralists are trained to analyse the incoming footage, to determine the right way to handle the security threat. They will prepare a comprehensive report with the details of the incident.

Does the wind mill security meet the requirements of insurance companies?

Most insurance companies require a proper security system, before they are willing to reimburse the damage. Therefore Kooi offers high-quality solutions against crimes. When an incident does result in damage, we will help with the insurance. The specialists know what is needed to meet the requirements and they will provide you with an extensive report.

Is the wind farm protected against fire?

The mobile surveillance units are not meant to protect against fire. These devices are designed to prevent trespassers from doing harm and are therefore equipped with infrared technology. The RED: Rising Early Detection is a solid solution when you seek a device that detects fires early. This product is mostly used at waste disposals and big laundry facilities.

Is this type of security suitable for offshore wind farms?

There are several wind parks that are built at sea, because the strength of the wind is more powerful offshore. Because the windmills are surrounded by the sea, there is little chance that intruders will enter the turbine to cause damage. However, offshore wind farms can be secured by our systems, because of the external power sources that can be placed on all terrains.

Who can watch the images of the units for observation?

The security specialist from CCTV monitoring have sole access to the security footage of the units for observation.  The images will be sent to the Kooi Alarm Center in your area and the images remain inside the borders. We do find it important that our customers are informed about any suspicious event that’s been detected by our wind farm security. 

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