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Why do you need Solar farm security?

Solar farm security - as a security specialist, our company provides solar farms with advanced cameras. Solar plants contain expensive panels, inverters and cables. Because of this, theft and vandalism can cause enormous damage.

Deploying surveillance guards is an option. However, such measures can be quite expensive. Our solar power plant security cameras have built-in loudspeakers and a siren, which can be used at any moment to scare intruders away. This usually suffices. In case security personnel or the police have to get involved, we’ll take care of that too. Feel free to give us a call. We’ll gladly provide you with a quote for solar farm security without any obligations.

why solar farm security
Camera security for solar farms and panels

Solar farm security; cutting costs

Securing your solar farm with state-of-the-art cameras is always the right decision. However, spending an enormous amount on your solar plant security is something you’d rather avoid. We understand that. That’s why we offer a cost-efficient solution. The affordability of our security solutions is, of course, never at the expense of quality.

Our experts will provide you with solid advice, after which we’ll install our highly advanced security cameras in your solar farm. Using our state-of-the-art cameras ensures that situations can be accurately monitored, so we don't have to intervene unnecessarily. Should the deployment of police or security personnel be necessary, we will take care of the follow-up costs, which are included in the weekly price. If you don’t have your solar plant security cameras in order, we highly recommend giving us a call. We’ll happily perform a free security check for you. These are the main benefits of our wind farm security systems:

  • Free safety check
  • Advisory report made by experienced specialists
  • Personal contact
  • 24/7 security
  • Fixed weekly price
  • Active in 20 European countries

Monitor your solar farm with UFOs

We keep an eye on your solar park with our UFO's (Unit For Observation). These are advanced cameras that deliver razor-sharp images. Not only during the day, but also at night.

Furthermore, an integrated infrared-system provides our security personnel good visibility, without the need for light. Because of this, light pollution and waste of energy are minimized. Our products are equipped with batteries, but we prefer to have a power supply on site to keep the equipment online at all times. A possible feature is, among others, a Solar Power Unit, that will regulate the power supply of the security cameras on your solar farm. The cameras perform excellently, but a future-oriented vision is paramount. Through constant innovation, we’re able to stay one step ahead of our competitors, as well as any malicious parties.

Camera surveillance and monitoring solar farms
secure solar farm with Kooi security

Kooi Alarm Center prevents theft of solar panels

Transformers, cabling and other equipment are popular with burglars. Destruction on solar farms is also becoming more and more common. Our security cameras (with a range of 30,000 M²) can capture solar plants well, but what if unwanted guests actually appear on the premises?

Our detection cameras are connected via the 4G network to the Kooi Alarm Center, where experienced employees keep an eye on your solar plant 24 hours a day. They can remotely activate a siren or loudspeaker, which will prevent 99% of the incidents. However, when the deployment of security guards or police is necessary, we will take care of the follow-up procedure. You will not have to pay for this, since it’s included as standard in our rates. By the way, we can also help you with securing your solar power plants outside of the Netherlands. For example, we monitor solar farms in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Scandinavian countries.

We secure solar farms efficiently

Hopefully, you’d never had to experience theft or vandalism in your solar farm. If you have, you’ll probably understand why a professional solar plant security system should be regarded as a priority. Being prepared for every possible scenario is very important. 

With our solar power plant security systems, we’ll be able to remotely detect danger. Superfluous deployment of security personnel is a thing of the past. From our Alarm Center, our security specialists are able to monitor your solar farm 24/7. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from our cost-efficient working method, as well as our excellent service. Extensive reports of incidents are included. Feel free to contact us today. We’ll happily provide you with a free security check, or a quote for solar farm security.

Careless security for solar farms
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24/7 surveillance
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Are you curious about what our high-quality remote video monitoring can do for your company? Not a single site or company is the same. Therefore we are offering custom-made security solutions. We will inspect your situation, before we provide you with an advanced video surveillance system.

If you are interested in the projects that we have executed and currently are executing? Then you can take a look at a few of our cases that we have described in detail on our website. This will give you a clear and broad overview of our knowledge and expertise.

Chances are that our innovative systems and techniques can also be of value to your company. Thanks to our (cost) efficient working methods, we will keep your site secured 24/7, at a competitive rate. Feel free to ask for a no-obligation consultation, or let us provide you with a quotation for 24/7 remote video monitoring.

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