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Solar farm security to rest assured at night

Solar farm security becomes more important, because the popularity of green energy has increased significantly in recent years. Kooi provides advanced security systems throughout Europe to prevent intruders to cause harm, like destruction or theft.

Solar farms are often located in remote areas, where there are no passers-by that can spot unwanted guests. That’s why we install solar farm security camera towers with a range of 30.000 m2 to cover a widespread area. In addition, we have our own PAC-Certified Alarm Center where trained centralists monitor the incoming footage from remote. Our mechanics can install the devices within an hour, for a fully functioning solar plant security. We are happy to tell you more about our excellent service during a meeting.

advanced solar farm security
security for solar farms

Security for solar farms with round the clock monitoring

In order to prevent harm, it’s important to properly handle unwanted situations with our security for solar farms. The risks increase especially during night time or at remote areas. That’s why round-the-clock cctv monitoring is needed to always be protected against the dangers from malicious entities.

The cameras with infrared technology provide clear images day and night. In addition, the solar farm security cameras are connected to the Kooi Alarm Center that’s manned by security specialists 24/7. A fast reaction is necessary in order to combat crime. The units for observation are designed to detect movement, to immediately sent a notification to the emergency room. The costs depend on your personal wishes, but we can draw up a tailor-made quote to determine the expenses for your premise.    

Solar plant security throughout Europe

Kooi originates in the Netherlands, but we’ve extended our services throughout Europe. That’s why we now have offices in France, the UK, Germany, Spain and Scandinavia. Moreover, we offer our solar plant security services in 20 countries.

In addition to the European offices, we have several Alarm Centres at the places where we are active. We find it important to handle the incoming footage with care. That’s why we keep the footage from the solar plant security inside the borders of the specific countries. We offer high-quality solutions that minimize the need of manpowered security guards. However, our services are more affordable, you won’t have to hand in on the quality of the service. Do you want to know what it costs to secure a solar farm? You can always request a non-binding offer.


international solar plant security
external power sources to secure the solar farm

Our security systems are suitable for every terrain

Solar farms are located in remote areas with different terrain types. Besides, the solar panels require sunlight in order to produce energy, so they have to be placed outside. Most widespread lands don’t have access to the mains, that’s why we provide multiple options to power the solar farm security with an external energy supply.

The power box is a reliable energy source, a device that functions as an aggregate. For a more environment friendly options, we recommend the solar power unit. This product generates energy through solar panels. The hybrid power box merges these options. When the weather conditions aren’t sufficient, the machine switches to a low-noise generator. During a security check we can map out the security needs for a solar farm.

Secure your solar farm and profit from the benefits

The remote location of the solar farms requires the to be protected by an advanced security system. The security systems of Kooi are innovative, efficient and affordable. We’ve listed the benefits of solar farm security below:

  • Fixed prices per month;
  • Built-in deterrents;
  • Regular maintenance;
  • Fully functional within one hour;
  • Cameras with night-vision;
  • Range of 30.000 m2;
  • Service with direct follow-up;

The innovative technology makes our solutions more affordable than traditional security systems. Curious about all the specifications of the units for observation? Let us inform you about the solar farm security.

Benefits from securing your solar farm
solar farm protection cameras

Advanced cameras for day and night solar farm protection

The advanced cameras on top of the mobile surveillance unit are equipped with infrared technology. This guarantees sharp and clear recordings day and night. Moreover the solar farm security has other qualities that make it a reliable means to detect and deter unwanted guests.

We install a mobile surveillance unit with a range of 30.000 m2. This device has built-in lights, speakers and an alarm. These deterrents can be operated from the Kooi Alarm Centre by our security specialists. Mostly, this is sufficient to scare off intruders. If they refuse to leave, we will call the emergency services in order to solve the problem. Give us a call when you are interested in the protection for solar farms.

What are the risks of an unguarded solar farm?

A solar farm contains several solar panels. These devices are very valuable, what makes unguarded solar farms a target to criminals, who are looking to resell the components. It’s a costly matter to replace the panels, but it can also cause problems for the energy supply.

In recent years countries have invested in green energy, what makes them more dependent of the solar farms. This makes a proper solar farm protection system more important. The most common risk is theft of the solar panels, but another common problem is vandalism and destruction. Prevent crimes and rest assured at night with our solar farm security.

risks of unguarded solar farms

Frequently asked questions


Does the security meet the insurance requirements?

Our solar farm security devices are especially designed to meet the requirements of the insurance companies. Moreover, we provide our customers with an extensive report whenever a suspicious event takes place. This document can be used as proof for insurance issues.

What is a sufficient security system for a solar plant?

The unit for observation is a solid and sufficient security system for a solar plant, due to the wide range. These systems are meant to detect the movement of unwanted guests.

Does the device protect against fire?

The mobile surveillance units are not designed to detect fire. However our other solution, the RED: Rising Early Detection is a great way to detect fire before it ignites. The system monitors the temperature. Whenever a suspicious rise is detected, the device will sent a notification to the Alarm Center, where they can assess the threat in the right way.

Who has access to the camera footage?

Our customers can’t access the footage of the camera units. Only the certified centralists have the authority to monitor the images. The recordings of the RED can be watched through a live portal.

Is the connection from the solar farm security to the alarm center reliable?

The system is connected to the Kooi Alarm Center through a wireless 4G connection. We are responsible for the operation of the security devices. We check the connection regularly in order to guarantee the reliability.

Can the system be moved?

It is possible to move the camera units. Our systems are designed to be relocated with ease. Moreover, we offer multiple energy sources, in case there is no access to the mains. This way there always is a sufficient amount of energy to power the solar farm security.

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