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19 January 2023

How long ago did you install the security cameras? You may have some doubts about whether or not to upgrade your existing security cameras, and you may also be concerned about the time, cost, and disruptions caused by the upgrade process.

But like all technology, security cameras can become outdated and even obsolete. Using older-generation cameras can leave you more susceptible to vandalism as if you weren't using cameras at all. Surveillance technology has evolved, and it might be time for you to upgrade.


Older surveillance systems required a lot of supporting infrastructure such as internet cables, power cables, and camera installation structures. Unfortunately, this does not provide much flexibility. During the construction period, you might need to move your cameras around as the site develops. Our mobile video surveillance units offer this flexibility. The advantage of our Units For Observation (UFO) is that we can swiftly adjust to the changes in your site. Our UFOs take minutes to install and can be moved from location to location with little to no requirements for supporting infrastructure.

24/7 monitoring

It is also important to consider how well your surveillance system performs in day and night conditions. Construction sites all too often do not have adequate lighting. This allows thieves to operate under the cover of the night and makes your sites more susceptible to theft and vandalism. All of our products are connected to our innovative and professional 24/7 Kooi Alarm Center. From here we monitor the video footage from remote 24 hours a day. In addition, the built-in infrared technology in every UFO delivers high-quality night vision, detecting intruders on your sites that the human eye would not notice.



By not upgrading, you also miss out on valuable opportunities that turn your security systems from reactive to proactive. In the event of a security incident, older systems rely on security operators to review footage and investigate, but this is after the fact. Our unique control room analyses all reports from the active camera systems and monitors them 24/7. Because our remote video monitoring is based on a tailor-made protocol, we can accurately determine what is happening at your location and take immediate action when necessary.

If you're looking for advanced crime detection, then our remote video surveillance solutions are here for you. We help detect, deter, and defend against criminal activity. We would be happy to perform a free security check for you. Contact us and we will determine what is necessary to fully secure your project site using temporary and mobile camera surveillance.