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02 January 2023

At the end of the year, many wind farm construction projects in Europe are coming to the final stage as well. In Spain, Nordex wrapped up projects in Castile-la Mancha, Navarre, and Soria just before Christmas. Reason for Kooi Spain to withdraw its Units For Observation from the sites for maintenance and new assignments in 2023. “The UFO from Kooi is a very effective and low-cost solution with very effective performance,” Manuel Angel Fernandez, responsible for the coordination of the Nordex projects and facilities in Spain reflects.

The mobile surveillance units guarded the Nordex-construction sites 24/7 while the Kooi Alarm Center was on standby in case of intrusion. Two UFO Mediums and one Powerbox generator have been on guard at the Gecama 312MW onshore wind power project in Castile-La Mancha. Sixty-five wind turbines will arise there to supply enough clean energy to power 260,000 households. Nordex supplies concrete towers that are around 120 meters high. A little further on in Cendea de Olza (Navarre) the camera systems guarded at the Windpark Orkoien. One UFO Prime and one UFO Medium were perfect for the job here. Fernandez: “We mainly use the Kooi UFO to provide security for the storage area and the main crane as it moves a lot of material and containers.”

Versatile and effective

Just a while ago, two UFO Mediums and two Powerboxes made sure that the REA Unificado wind project in Soria could experience its commissioning in time. Nordex built 9 turbines here on behalf of RWE. “I like the versatility and ease when implementing them in projects under construction. They are a very effective and low-cost solution with very effective performance,” Fernandez looks back. Most construction sites are secured by security guards but this option seems to be frequently insufficient. “The use of security guards in Spain is more preventive than effective,” says Fernandez. “I believe that the combination of both systems is a way of enhancing the security of the project.” So far to his satisfaction: “In the time that I have been in the company we have not had any noteworthy incident in the areas guarded by Kooi.”

Gecama WEB

Problem solvers

For Fernandez, sales manager Sebastián Viola of Kooi was the contact person. “The cameras were running well in securing the crane and equipment during the service and maintenance of the turbines.” Viola notices that mobile camera surveillance in Spain is still a bit of unknown territory. “I call our UFO jokingly our ‘phonebooth’ because of the size and shape. On the construction site workers, transporters and suppliers are always surprised when they see a UFO at first. One called him even the ‘scarecrow’ the way it stands out in the field. And actually, it’s not a bad comparison because a scarecrow and our UFO have the same goal: to keep uninvited guests away.” And according to Fernandez, that works pretty well. “I think in our area or competition, we need to be problem solvers. As far as I am concerned, Kooi solves my problems, and the response is very quick to answer my questions.”

Are you curious about how secure your location is? Almar Kleefstra would be happy to perform a free security check for you. He will determine what is necessary to fully secure your project site using temporary and mobile camera surveillance.

'Job offers a lot of variety: one day you are neatly dressed having a meeting at a client's office, and the next day you’re standing in the mud installing a UFO on a project in Spain.'

Almar has been working for Kooi for three years now. He started as an intern and worked his way up to International Sales Manager. His expertise lies in the Solar industry. Almar currently oversees projects in Spain, Portugal, UK and Ireland.

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