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16 January 2024

Since last year, our Powerboxes have been fuelled with HVO100 Diesel, offering a remarkable 90% CO2 reduction, as revealed by research. However, according to Dirk de Jong, Manager of Research and Development, our commitment to eco-friendly energy doesn't stop there.

“In May, we initiated a year-long test with methanol fuel cells paired with a UFO Prime and Solar Power Unit. The early results are promising, showcasing potential reductions of carbon oxide by 60-95% and nitrogen oxide by 60-80!”

Methanol Progression

"In 2024, we are set to produce 10 Solar Power Units integrated with Methanol Fuel Cells to further explore the capabilities of this hybrid power solution. Notably, this combination can be rented out throughout the entire year, eliminating the need for Powerbox replacements."

Hydrogen Aspirations

"While our focus is currently on methanol, the ultimate goal is hydrogen, contingent on developments. Hydrogen testing will be on the horizon. Additionally, we plan to enhance the Solar Power Unit with larger solar panels for increased efficiency and revenue."




Photo: Dirk de Jong with one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that Kooi supports in the coming years.

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Insights into Efficiency

"This year, we are implementing comprehensive measurements of each UFO system's usage. Our findings will answer crucial questions: What are we using, and what are we saving? Combining a UFO Prime with a Solar Power Unit results in an impressive 85% CO2 reduction annually. Moreover, a Hybrid Power Box with larger solar panels can potentially achieve a remarkable 94%. These figures not only provide essential data for audits and certifications but, more importantly, allow us to transparently showcase exact savings to our customers during the rental period. With numerous challenges on the horizon, 2024 promises to be an exciting year!"

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