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30 August 2022

Studying and working at the same time? No problem at Kooi Germany. Annemieke Wilken of Inside Sales is the living proof. “It’s really an interesting combination,” she states. Kooi grows quite fast. “Therefore we especially need sales colleagues. People with an open mind and a typical hunter mentality,” says colleague Michelle Müller, recruiting specialist at Kooi.

As student Business Administration Annemieke (24) learns a lot at Kooi Videoüberwachung about how companies work and how they improve their processes. But how did she end up at Kooi? “I moved from Schleswig-Holstein to Dortmund and was looking for a new job. Two came up. The first was a big company where I would be a number without my own input. The other one was Kooi, a smaller enterprise where I immediately mattered. Now I am here for one year and a half already.”

Start up feeling

Beside the support of the sales managers in the field Annemieke is also central point of contact for all customers. The area between Dortmund and Munich has her special focus. “A good relationship with our customers is top priority,” she says. And Remarkable, she still notices a kind of start up feeling at Kooi. Even after twelve years. “Everyone still discovers new things, approaches and views. A family feeling where all members take part.”

flown by

Thanks to the quick growth of Kooi Germany Michelle is pretty busy recruiting new colleagues. “You know, a background in sales is of course desired but not essential,” Michelle continues. “If you impress us and you are full of energy you might also fit in our team. Personality is wat counts most.” In oktober Michelles first year at Kooi is a fact. A year that has flown by. “My last job was at a fish company at Willemshaven. I was part of a HR-department where my own ideas often fell through while you were convinced they would work. Here I am fully responsible for the recruitment and able to try my ideas and experience that one is happy with your input.” 


Despite her young age, she is 26 years old, Michelle has already quite some responsibilities. “I am responsible for the entire recruiting process of Kooi Germany. So, the selection of the right candidates, the job interviews, the direct approach of possible new employees and soon also the onboarding. Onboarding is the whole communication process to welcome new colleagues and help them to find their way in the organization as quick and pleasant as possible. They have to feel a member of the Kooi family right away. And last but not least I am responsible for the employer branding.” New colleague Sylvana is maybe the best example. She joined the Kooi Family recently. “The typical thing about Sylvana is that she infects everyone with her energetic kind and occurrence and carries away,” says Michelle. “She has so much energy that works contagious. Now she is stationed in Berlin and is doing a great job!”

Annemieke Wilken: \I work and acquire new competences and in the meantime I study.\

Annemieke Wilken

UFO Primes

Luckily there is no time to get bored. There’s enough work to be done. Annemieke: “At the moment we have our focus on cities like Köln and Bremen. The growth here is already visible. About 30 UFO Primes are placed at construction sites in Bremen.” These Units For Observation detect all suspicious movements via an integrated camera and detection system that is equipped with infrared technology. Therefore it does not emit distractive lights. In Köln 60 of these systems are operational as well and new focus cities like Frankfurt and Munich are following. “Now one will see more and more of our systems in public and hopefully visit our website afterwards to learn more about what Kooi can do to secure construction sites, windfarms and solarfields.”


It's clear: Annemieke has found her way at Kooi Germany. “I work and acquire new competences ánd in the meantime I study. I hope I will be a Kooi-member for the years to come.” Michelle adds: “This family vibe gets the best out of you and your team. And that’s why energetic young professionals should choose for us. The familiar atmosphere and the freedom to discover your talents and schedule your own time.”