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18 November 2021

Thanks to the addition of the 247kooi App, Kooi improves its camera security service even further. Customers benefit from various convenient functions, including the possibility of watching the camera units day and night.

A few months after its introduction, the app is already being used by a large number of customers, including Van Vulpen. Why is the app a success and what are its key features? We will explain everything in this blog.

Easily changing the times

Van Vulpen is a specialist in the installation, maintenance and replacement of cables and pipelines. Valuable cables, drilling rigs and countless materials are often stored on the company’s work depots.

The projects carried out by Van Vulpen require flexibility in the field of camera security. Conveniently, the 247kooi App allows you to easily configure when camera units should be active. Chantal Baan of Van Vulpen confirms this: “We no longer need to call, but can quickly set the times for each camera in the app. An excellent addition, because it allows us to switch quickly,” she explains. Good to know: the app is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) as well as Android. There is also a desktop version.

Always an overview of the camera positions

Kooi’s cameras are ideally suited for securing the work depots that Van Vulpen has at construction sites. “We always want to know exactly where the cameras are and where additional units might be needed,” says Baan. It is therefore convenient that all camera units are perfectly visible on a map in the app: “We can see exactly where each camera is located. Each UFO (Unit For Observation, camera unit) has a number, which also makes it easy to request relocation. We have found that Kooi quickly and professionally makes all the necessary adjustments.” The functions of the camera units are, of course, carefully monitored by the Kooi Alarm Center so the reliable operation of the units is guaranteed.

Watching from anywhere in the world

A clear overview of all camera units and the option to set times yourself make the 247kooi App an instant success. But there is more: customers can also watch the camera images. This a perfect feature for engaged entrepreneurs and employees who like to keep track of their assets. “Our employees appreciate the fact that they can always see what is going on at a depot,” Baan confirms.

Quick access to reports

The 247kooi App makes Kooi’s services even more attractive. But what if an incident occurs? All camera units are equipped with a siren and speaker. In 99% of cases, their use is sufficient to repel intruders. Of course, the Kooi Alarm Center will call in the police if necessary. After an incident, a report is quickly sent to the inbox of the 247kooi App to ensure the customer is always up to date on the situation.

Would you like to know more about Kooi camera security in combination with the app? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to tell you all about the possibilities!

Download the 247kooi app now for Apple or Android