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01 August 2023

Afonso Ferreira Faria, a self-employed project manager responsible for safe wind energy projects realisation for Vestas across Europe, has become a firm believer in Kooi's camera surveillance solutions after relying on them for several projects. He shares, "I tell my clients that when you take the UFO of Kooi, you don’t have any maintenance."

It was during the massive Isoneva project in Finland that Faria first encountered Kooi. As Vestas started installing 21 turbines for Taaleri Energia near Siikajoki, Faria collaborated with Kooi's sales manager, Kees Glandorff. He recalls, "Together, we decided to position two UFO Primes and one Hybrid Powerbox, which, with its solar panels, took care of the power to keep the UFOs working in the desolated area."

Main advantages of Kooi collaboration

Faria highlights the main advantages of collaborating with Kooi. He says, "First, the effective reporting system. If something suspicious is detected by the camera, the Kooi Alarm Center takes action immediately without me knowing it. I only get an email about what happened." The second advantage is the flexibility to adjust working hours in the 247Kooi app, optimising surveillance efforts for better efficiency.


Securing remote areas with Kooi’s surveillance

Faria relies on Kooi's camera security solutions to secure materials and equipment in desolate and forested areas during wind turbine installation. He mentions, "At all the projects with Kooi, no incidents have happened so far. Alarms scared off unknown individuals spotted by the camera, and nothing has been stolen." Kooi's mobile video surveillance acts as a potent deterrent, ensuring on-site security.

Maintenance-Free Efficiency

Faria emphasises the third main advantage of Kooi's collaboration, stating, "The camera doesn't need any maintenance, and neither does the solar panel. I don't need to change empty fuel cells or fill them with diesel. It's 100% self-sustainable." This maintenance-free feature ensures uninterrupted and hassle-free surveillance, allowing Faria to focus on other critical aspects of the projects.

Peace of mind guaranteed

Despite his best efforts, Faria doesn't always convince clients to choose Kooi for mobile camera surveillance. He shares, "Some clients opt for the competition, offering a slightly lower-priced camera with fuel cells that need replacement. With Kooi's UFO, there's no maintenance, and though it may be slightly pricier, you have no worries." Faria prioritises the peace of mind that comes with Kooi's maintenance-free solution.

We take pride in providing cutting-edge camera security solutions tailored specifically to the unique needs of your site. Whether it's securing remote areas, implementing an effective reporting system, or ensuring maintenance-free efficiency, our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch surveillance solutions. Don't hesitate to contact Kees and ensure the security your project deserves.

'Always a pleasure to work for Kooi with the customer in front to provide the best solution and service.'

Kees Glandorff, our accomplished Sales Manager, oversees projects throughout the Nordics region. With a profound focus on the wind and solar sectors, his expertise is invaluable in guaranteeing the utmost safety and security for your site.

K.Glandorff Kooi

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