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07 November 2022

Waste processors and recyclers using Kooi's RED cameras will get even better insight into temperature trends in their waste storage facilities. It is one of the enhanced options the revamped RED portal offers from now on. "By sharing their experiences with us, the customers themselves have actively contributed to the improved features," says RED manager Richard Venema. 

Well-trained dispatchers from the Kooi Alarm Centre watch incoming alarms 24/7. Thanks to the RED portal, customers can also watch live images from the RED camera located or hanging in the storage hall. The camera measures the temperatures of the storage bins and signals where they are increasing in order to prevent fires. An up-to-date panorama image can also be displayed on the portal as well as the temperature over the entire detection area.


The updated portal now provides even better insight into the temperature development in waste storage. A wish of the customer himself. Richard: "Where you used to see a total image of the temperature development, you now see this in 66 so-called presets: image boxes. If you click on such a preset, you see the temperature bullets on a graph plus the corresponding picture of the exact measurement. This gives the customer even more insight into exactly where temperature increases and how heat develops in storage."

Alarm protocol

In addition to this detailed temperature analysis, project details can also be viewed, current working hours are visible and the alarm protocol has been improved. \Together with the customer, we always agree on such an alarm protocol,\ Richard says. \It indicates who is the first point of contact in case of emergencies, who is second, and so on. Should someone be on holiday, the next person in charge can easily take over and our Alarm Centre knows who to call in case of an emergency.\ 

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The 'new style' RED portal is available to all new customers from now on. Current customers will be remotely transferred to the portal without any notice. Rest assured. And of course, we continue to work hard on new features of the RED portal.

Curious about what the RED camera and portal can do for your company? Contact Richard Venema via r.venema@247kooi.com or +31 06-55 70 83 59.