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22 July 2022

In the far north of the Netherlands, in the Eemshaven at the coast, Windpark Oostpolder is just delivered. Since 2020, dozens of Units For Observation of Kooi have kept an eye on the Enercon project of 21 turbines. These giants of 155 meters high will now provide energy for 50.000 households. ”The UFO’s guarded our materials and tools but also the entrances of our sites.

No one can enter or leave the premises without being noticed,” says construction manager Thomas Engel of  Enercon. He is responsible for the entire area, the installation of the turbines and time schedule. Delays through theft of costly equipment are undesirable. Luckily nothing has been stolen in two years.  


What makes Windpark Oostpolder worldwide unique is the fact that it’s the first project in the world where the wind turbines are installed with help of a so-called ‘self-climbing’ crane. The Lagerwey company invented this machine to construct wind turbines in usual locations and more challenging ones. With the presence of this unique crane, secure positioning of the camera systems was of the essence. Did the cameras register anything unusual? “Yep,” answers Engel. “No thieves but the phenomenon of inhabitants of the nearby villages who dropped their garbage in our containers. That was annoying but didn’t damage our property.”

8 Min

Safety during the installation

All in all, a comforting thought that all six tool containers have been safe during the whole process of installation. “They each contained precious stuff like generators, tools and vehicles with a value of 50.000 euros. So a total of almost half a million.”