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10 October 2022

Exactly one year ago Natalia Kossinowsky joined Kooi Dach as a sales manager to set foot on the unexplored area of mobile surveillance in Austria. And there’s still a lot to be done.

Recently the Austrian government held a tender for mobile surveillance for the very first time. In the end, she chose an overstaffed man guard-solution. “We were actively providing them with the pilot with our UFO’s and they were very happy with the result. But finally, they went for the cheapest option on the technique side” says Natalia (42). “Quality was not the point as the man guard was so overstaffed anyway. This is the traditional way government and politics think here.” It shows how difficult it is to get the Units For Observation known by the public.


But hey, first the name: Natalia Kossinowsky. That doesn’t sound really Austrian. How come? Natalia smiles. “I was born in Vienna and my mother loves Russian first names. My sister is called Tatjana. Our last name is Polish. But that’s typical Austria. It’s a little country with a colourful mixture of nationalities.” After years of management at marketing agencies for the last ten years, Natalia was active in sales. “It didn’t want to sit in the office all day long. I like a lot of changes and different things I can find a solution to. Sometimes I miss the agendas to lead a staff again, but I don’t miss the office itself.” Sales are definitely where her passion lies. “In 1999 I was already selling real estate in Spain.”

Kooi in the TV series

The highlight was the appearance of Kooi in the famous TV series‘ Pfusch am Bau’ where building expert Gunther Nussbaum helps out desperate house owners. “I approached the makers of the programme and now we are a proud partner of the series.” Another target is the A23 Tangente. “This I the busiest road in Austria and runs through Vienna,” tells Natalia. “It’s a permanent construction site and I said: ‘I want a UFO in the middle of the road.’ After seven months of pushing, we have a pilot and soon a Prime will be placed along the road.”  Everything shows that Natalia gets her motivation out of her relationships with people. “And to stay an honest person with honest clients and  to have a clean surrounding with my team and boss.”

In the photo Simon: \Natalia with 'The Nussbaums and famous Austrian personality Richard Lugner. 

Die Nussbaums Und Richard Lugner Kooi

Right personality

For her job as sales manager Natalia definitely has the right personality. “I am a highly emphatic and very open person. Also, I am used to working in technically affine branches mostly surrounded by men.” She laughs: “I can be the missing part in this man’s world.”


Looking back the first milestone in 2022 was to triple the number of rented systems within the first year.“ Despite this amount, the market in Austria is still very closed. Natalia: “About 80% still don’t know what we do. The awareness of mobile surveillance is still very low and the old-fashioned Austrians are very comfortable with no surveillance at all or man guard.”