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02 March 2023

We have recently welcomed a new sales manager, Carlos Gerez, to our team. While new to the company, the worlds of sales and security cameras are already familiar territory for Carlos. He focuses on introducing our camera security solutions to the Spanish market and familiarising it with Kooi's Units for Observation (UFO). "I wanted to work for a big international company like Kooi," Carlos says. "And it's a great challenge to conquer the Spanish market with our UFOs."

We opened an office in Barcelona a year ago, and our mobile camera units have since been deployed in construction sites, wind farms, and solar fields. Carlos just returned from an intense but inspiring introduction at the Kooi headquarters. “The first impression is really good. The team of sales colleagues is relatively young and it is bursting with energy.” He has worked for a Dutch employer before. After attending the Lycée Français in Madrid and studying Industrial Engineering, he worked as a business development manager for Northern Africa at ALE (now Mammoet), an English/Dutch multinational in heavy lifting. He later became a sales expert in civil works and mining within the Mediterranean region.

Focus on the security of solar plants

After this adventure, Carlos turned to Microsegur, a specialist in advanced perimeter security systems that protect complex environments. There, he became a sales director with a focus on the security of solar plants. "As a sales manager at Kooi, my speciality will be solar energy projects," Carlos says. "I know the business very well, and my network will certainly help when I want to introduce Kooi."

Kooi Video Surveillance vs. manned guarding – what is the best choice for your site?

UFO camera solutions support local guards

One of Carlos's beliefs is that our UFO camera systems can support local security guards. "It can be a strong combination. On medium and large sites, the interplay between security guards and UFOs can be perfect, but on small and medium sites, it's sufficient to rely on UFOs alone." Corruption is a phenomenon that Carlos is familiar with. "The UFO can notice and record abusive situations. Even the workers on construction sites are not always reliable. I have seen quite a lot of ways to break in to the site, but Kooi services can help prevent this, making it the perfect solution for the client to rest assured." Carlos is excited to join Kooi's international sales team, which he describes as young and energetic.

Overall, Kooi's latest hire brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, and his solar expertise and knowledge of the Spanish market will be invaluable in the company's efforts to expand its presence in the region. Would you like to ensure the security of your solar farm? Contact Carlos Gerez for more information about our remote camera solutions.

'A nice challenge to conquer the Spanish market'

Carlos Gerez is our accomplished sales manager with a wealth of experience in the security industry. He has joined our team in Spain to spearhead our efforts in the solar industry sector, providing customised security solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by solar companies.

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