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19 December 2022

Choosing between remote video surveillance or security guard can be difficult given the range of factors to consider. Traditionally, hiring a security guard was the best option for those looking to protect their construction sites, assets or property. However, remote video surveillance is becoming a more appealing choice due to cost-effectiveness, advances in detection technology and improved response times. Before you commit to either option, we will help you consider the pros and cons to decide which is best for your project.

Security costs

  • Problem: You need cost-effective protection from theft and vandalism.

Manned guarding: The expense of manned guarding is a consistent problem, as the cost of labour continues to rise.

Kooi Camera Surveillance: We can offer 24/7 protection at a fixed rate, that also does not change for public holidays, weekends or unsociable hours.

24/7 Protection

  • Problem: Your construction site needs to be protected 24/7.

Manned guarding: Security guards can be hired to work on rotating shifts to provide 24/7 protection. However, staying alert and continuously monitoring every part of your premises can be challenging.

Kooi Camera Surveillance: We offer 24/7 monitoring and action from the Kooi Alarm Center. Each camera constantly scans for activity using advanced technology. Your entire perimeter can be monitored at all times.

Response times

Problem: You need to prevent crime before an intruder has the chance to commit theft or vandalise your property.

Manned guarding: A security guard must first know a potential threat has entered your site. If they are looking at the right screen at the right time or patrolling the correct location, an intruder will be detected and deterred.

Kooi Camera Surveillance: An alert about an intruder is immediately sent to well-trained operators at Kooi Alarm Center, who will immediately view a live camera feed to visually verify the threat. They will then proceed to issue an audio warning to the intruder using built-in speakers. This can be immediately followed by a call to the police or a local manned guard. Although, an audio warning is enough to deter an intruder.

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Liability protection

  • Problem: You need a solution that offers protection in the event of an injury or liability claim.

Manned guarding: A security guard can provide evidence but only if they were on the scene at the time of the incident, in which case they can offer a witness statement.

Kooi Camera Surveillance: With 247kooi App, you have remote access to the camera images of your construction site. In case of an incident, a report is sent to the inbox of the 247kooi App.

Installation speed and requirements

  • Problem: You need a solution that can be quickly installed and expanded if needed

Manned guarding: A security guard can be hired to protect your property without the installation of a camera system or related hardware. However, additional facilities are required such as a cabin with heating, electricity and toilet facilities.

Kooi Camera Surveillance: We offer a rapid instalment of our UFOs. They can be deployed in a matter of minutes without the need for existing infrastructure, such as power or an internet connection.

Rest Assured with Kooi Video Surveillance

At Kooi Camera Surveillance, we know how challenging it can be to find a security solution to meet your needs. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge of various industries, their locations and security issues. We offer video security solutions for solar parks, wind farms, construction sites, business and industry parks, and parking lots. Whatever your requirements, our advisory team will gladly take on any safety and security challenges you may have. Together, we look for a high-quality solution tailored to your location’s security needs.