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07 May 2020

We've got big news! We’re proud to announce that Kooi Security will be operating under a new name from the 17th of June: Kooi. This will be accompanied by complete rebranding. This rebranding is discussed in this article, which we will add to from time to time in the coming period. This will keep you informed about recent developments.

Why a new name?

This change is a step forward for us and is in line with our ambition to grow into an internationally operating organisation. So the name Kooi Security no longer conveys the purport of that which the company stands for. With Kooi, we have a brand name that fits in powerfully with our new market position.

Determining the direction

Core values form the basis of a brand. That's why it was essential for us to clarify these core values before taking further steps in rebranding. After a number of discussions, and with the help of our own employees, we were quickly able to define our new core values. The foundations were laid. And a new name was conceived.

The name: Kooi

The name Kooi is a solid, strong statement and is also the surname of our founder. Kooi is your reliable partner in realising a safer and more secure society without obstacles that could stand in the way of building the world of the future. Our approach is always focused on the future, and we always do what we say we will do. Short, but effective. Just like our new name. As a knowledge partner in security and safety, we combine innovative technological solutions with years of experience. Over the last ten years, we have learned that this is the way to achieve the greatest success. Rest Assured.

The logo

A new name also means a new logo. This logo is the basis of our corporate identity. The brand name Kooi is displayed with a symbol that stands for the viewing angles of a camera. Kooi red is the primary colour. Additionally, it contains two other basic colours: black and anthracite. It was our wish to create a stylish, business-like look with these colours. The logo is bold and compact. It stands like a house, is recognizable, and has its own character. It exudes an atmosphere that suits us. We are pleased with the end result. But what are we going to do with that beautiful logo and our new corporate identity? The transition will ensue in the coming weeks and we will incorporate this into our company’s resources.