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14 February 2024

Kooi Camera Surveillance has been gaining significant ground in Italy, thanks in part to the relentless efforts of our International Sales Manager Dieke van Bolderen. She visited 'the boot' numerous times in 2023, fostering valuable collaborations. "Teamwork with local parties as reliable partners is indispensable in our Italian adventure," she emphasizes. 

For the past year, Dieke has been in Italy every fortnight, diligently surveying the market for mobile camera surveillance. Many contractors have been pleasantly surprised on-site by the cheerful presence of the young sales manager. "I didn't speak the language yet but was eager to get to know and learn," Dieke explains. 

Expanding horizons: Kooi's vision for Italy's growing markets 

Now well-versed, she has gained a comprehensive understanding of the market. "Italy is in full swing, especially in renewable energy. With two experienced Italian colleagues joining us soon, we will undoubtedly expand our activities into construction and infrastructure projects. The opportunities are particularly promising." 


Cooperation as the cornerstone of success

Cooperation remains the key focus. Intensive contact is being established with local parties, with Cosmo Security being one such collaboration. Together with Cosmo, Kooi secured Comal's Blusolar Augusta 1, a large solar park under construction in Sicily. Dieke highlights, "We write a customised alarm protocol to precisely locate our UFO cameras. If intruders are spotted, security guards are alerted for immediate action, ensuring a fantastic working relationship." 




On the photo: The solar park in Sicily

2 (2)

Preventing delays on Sicilian project sites 

On the site on the east coast of Sicily, 2 UFO Go's and 11 UFO Primes executed their tasks flawlessly, resulting in zero incidents. "The presence of cameras alone deters potential issues. People now understand that our presence can prevent a lot of issues, considering the costly delays caused by theft of tools and materials," Dieke emphasises. 

EPC Collaboration 

In her renewable energy mission, Dieke collaborates with manufacturers such as Vestas and Nordex, alongside their partners in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). "We work with them because delays due to theft directly impact them. Our involvement sometimes expedites procedures with insurers, demonstrating a serious commitment to security." 

Dieke En UFO

A solution to delays

Dieke recognizes the challenge of slow permit procedures in Italy, a hindrance for many developers. "Kooi likes to be involved in projects early on to expedite permitting and authorisations. We can help with security well before the construction phase, facilitating the smooth arrival of materials at the project site. For example, two projects will start again soon but our cameras have been active there for a while." 

Distinctive Units for Observation: A visible impact 

The distinctive red-white-black Units for Observation are gradually becoming a familiar sight in the Italian landscape. "A special moment is when we sound the siren and voice message from the UFO after installation. Everyone on the project site rushes to see what's happening, demonstrating the system's efficacy. New customers appreciate our clear daily reports and our 24/7 Kooi app, giving them control over security times on their site." 

Future Plans and reflection 

Looking ahead to 2024, Dieke emphasizes maintaining contacts and expanding partnerships. "We will continue to invest in Italian cooperation, seeking local partners for our alarm center, follow-up, service, and storage. We are also establishing an office for a more extensive local presence." Reflecting on her first intensive year, Dieke shares her key lesson, "You have to dare to be vulnerable and ask questions. Getting it right the first time is crucial." 


Curious about preventing delays on your site? Reach out to Dieke for personalised advice on the optimal security solution for your needs. 

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