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01 February 2024

The announcement has been made: Kooi Camerabewaking from Drachten is the namesake of the newest, most beautiful, and sustainable stadium in the Netherlands. The completion of the new Cambuur stadium, scheduled for August 2024, signifies its new name, 'Kooi Stadion,' for the next ten seasons.

Founder and former CEO Pieter Kooi recently sold most of his shares in the company. The naming of the stadium after his company is a generous gift from him to Kooi Camerabewaking. However, there's more to the story. In addition to naming the new stadium, the popular club from Leeuwarden and the European market leader in camera surveillance plan to collaborate in the fields of corporate social responsibility and education.

Contributing to growth

Kooi Camera Surveillance is naturally very pleased with the gesture of its founder: "It's truly fantastic that our brand will soon shine in this sustainable stadium. We are incredibly proud, or as we say in Frisian, 'GRUTSK!' What appeals to us is the opportunity to contribute significantly to sporting, social, and business growth with this wonderful gift from Pieter," says Michiel Huitema, Managing Director Kooi Benelux.






On the picture: Ard de Graaf (left) and Pieter Kooi (right)

Pieter Kooi En Ard De Graaf Van Cambuur

Very grateful

Ard de Graaf, general manager of SC Cambuur, wholeheartedly endorses these feelings: "Pieter is a successful entrepreneur from our region, closely involved with our club. Naming the stadium is a new position for us, and it's preferable to fill it with someone you know well, who cares about the club and also comes from the neighbourhood. We are very grateful to him for that. It's another crucial step towards completing the new stadium."


About Kooi Camera Surveillance

In December 2010, Kooi saw the light of day and, under Pieter Kooi's leadership, the company quickly grew into a major player in camera surveillance in Europe. By 2024, some 250 employees work daily to provide the best temporary camera security and heat detection. Kooi Camera Surveillance operates in 25 European countries and has already secured more than 36,000 sites at home and abroad.


About the new Cambuur Stadium

From east to west, from the Cambuurplein to the Elfstedenpark. Above all, it is a stadium that aligns with SC Cambuur's ambitions to become a stable Eredivisie player, offering supporters and sponsors a unique experience every fortnight.


Not your standard arena

The most important starting point in the development of the new Cambuur Stadium was that it should not become a standard stadium - enough of those already—but a real football stadium that does justice to the history and experience of the Leeuwarden people's club. To ensure this, a stadium advisory committee was set up, consisting of about 20 supporters and sponsors from all sections, whose main task was to make it a 'new home.'

With four separate stands (as is also the case at the Cambuurplein), steep stands that extend to the edge of the pitch, tall lighting columns that can already be seen from the city centre, and a large Supporters' Home, this has been amply achieved.