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Kooi Camera Surveillance joins NOÉ Platform in Bordeaux: more coverage throughout France


Kooi joins Plateforme NOÉ in Bordeaux. On September 24, 2021, during Plateforme NOÉ’s Low Carbon Day event, Kooi will also launch the opening of its office in Bordeaux and officially announce its partnership with Plateforme NOÉ. This brings the number of Kooi’s office locations to 14 spread over 7 different European countries. “The launching of the new office in Bordeaux will increase our coverage throughout France. This puts us in a better position to share our innovative products in the field of temporary mobile camera surveillance and heat detection,” says Jean-Philippe Chassot, Sales Manager.

Kooi and Plateforme NOÉ

Kooi is setting up office in NOÉ’s multimodal platform along with other companies and together, they offer a complete solution for construction projects from meetings and office spaces, parking, site management, storage and logistics, materials, tools, transportation, training, mobile bathrooms, and all kinds of security.

During the event, Kooi together with other Plateforme NOÉ partners, will be signing a charter of respect for the environment that aims for the reduction of the carbon footprint. By Kooi, development and innovation, production and the provision of quality service are key elements. But more importantly, the company aims for a more sustainable approach in its work and dealings.

Kooi’s security solutions

Kooi is a specialist in the field of temporary mobile camera security and heating detection. Kooi’s products are categorised into two types: the UFO (Unit For Observation) and the RED (Rising Early Detection). The UFO is a state-of-the-art camera system with which the company uses to secure wind and solar parks, construction sites and buildings, warehouses, substations, etc. These types of locations regularly fall prey to theft and vandalism. The system detects unwanted visitors. By using a siren and a voice prompt, Kooi can chase away approximately 99% of the intruders. This prevents material and immaterial damage.

RED, on the other hand, is a thermographic camera that detects abnormal temperature rises in the waste and recycling industry. This means heating is quickly detected and appropriate action can be taken. In this age of technology, Kooi keeps the technical developments of UFO and RED in rapid succession to ensure maximum functionality and the solidity of its system. 

Also suitable for remote locations

Kooi products can be used in any area, including remote locations. The unit comes with various accessories, depending on the specific needs of the client, including the capacity to sustainably supply the systems with power where this is not available.

Furthermore, clients get access to Kooi’s 24/7Kooi app and web portal which the company developed. The app is available in various languages, offers the clients a convenient overview of all current projects and the associated cameras, and ensures that customers can quickly change security times.

About Kooi

Kooi is an international company specialised in temporary mobile camera security solutions and heat detection. The company is founded in Drachten, Friesland in 2010 and currently has 160 employees. Kooi is active in 22 European countries, where approximately 3,000 Kooi mobile cameras protect and monitor construction sites, wind and solar parks and waste processors every day. With its own systems, including the Unit For Observation (UFO) and Rising Early Detection (RED), in combination with its own alarm centres in the Netherlands, Germany and France, Kooi monitors these areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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