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04 April 2023

We have expanded our team by hiring a new Sales Manager, Jason Muis. With a wealth of experience in different cultures, Jason will be responsible for managing customers in the renewable energy industry, focusing on the UK, Ireland, Romania, and Poland.

In his early days as a self-employed businessman, Jason would knock on doors, trying to sell new energy contracts. “I did that for several years but then I travelled the world,” he reflects. “When I came home I started working at 12Build, a digital platform in construction.” Since then, he has visited countless construction sites and has gained valuable experience in the industry.

Joining Kooi: Jason's first impressions and insights

The challenge of working in an international role at Kooi seduced him to join the team after four years at 12Build. His first impression of the International team Kooi: “It’s a culture of one big cosy, crazy family,” he laughs. “Everyone is open and honest and immediately willing to help me find my way. I felt at home right away. And that’s what Kooi- stands for: we help each other to come further.”

Jason Muis Kooi Camera Surveillance

Navigating through different cultures

In the meantime, Jason has had intense sales training and product instruction. “I was really amazed by what the products can do. The detection area of the camera systems, the sharpness but also the specialists in our Kooi Alarm Center, who respond on every move the cameras detect.” Jason can’t wait to get in the field to get the Units For Observation introduced. “I learned that there are a lot of different cultures to consider,” he says. “In Belgium for example the social interaction is different from the Netherlands. The Dutch are very straightforward and that does not go down well with the Belgians.” Jason will be navigating between different cultures from now but staying true to himself at the same time: "For me, it's all about building long-lasting relationships with clients, even if they're small. I'd take a loyal customer for 10 years over a big, one-time sale any day."

With the addition of Jason Muis to our team, the company is well-equipped to provide excellent security solutions to renewable energy customers throughout Europe. Jason's experience and passion for the industry, coupled with his expertise in different cultures, make him an invaluable asset to our team. Are you in the renewable energy industry and looking for reliable and effective security solutions? Contact Jason and he will provide you with the best options for your needs.

“I believe in the value of trust and loyalty in business.”

Jason Muis is an International Sales Manager with a passion for renewable energy. He believes that building long-lasting relationships with clients, even if they're small, is more important than making big, one-time sales. With his experience, passion, and expertise in different cultures, Jason is an invaluable asset to our team.

J Muis Kooi

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