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09 May 2022

As of today, Kooi Camera Surveillance is ISO 9001 certified. The certification emphasises the company’s efforts in security and quality. “We want to be the reliable specialist for everyone who needs safety & security services, especially our customers. With this certificate, we demonstrate that our products meet the standard requirements, and adherence hereto is ensured by all colleagues through our efficient management system,” says QHSE manager Rutger Werkhoven.

The ISO 9001 standard describes the main requirements for quality management systems of organisations. Quality management warrants that the products of Kooi, temporary camera surveillance and heat detection, meet the needs, requirements, wishes and specifications of customers and potential clients. Werkhoven: “With ISO 9001quality management, we also promise continuous quality improvement so that we can meet the specific needs of our customers and that of the changing times even better. That fits perfectly with our own aspiration to be ‘the best in class.”

Involved and knowledgeable employees

ISO-9001 auditor Sylvia van Zijderveld of TÜV, an audit and certification organisation: “The board and management of Kooi are highly involved. A huge investment has been made in the systems to steer, automate, and make processes traceable. The employees are highly involved and knowledgeable of the organisation. The strategy of the organisation is translated into objectives for every employee. There is a lot of attention for training, including in-house.”

In the photo (left to right/right to left/clockwise/etc): Rudmer Sijens (QHSE assistant) en Rutger Werkhoven (QHSE manager) receive the ISO certificate from Ebru Yöndem of TÜV.

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The ISO9001 certification applies to the entire chain; from product development to the monitoring in the Kooi Alarm Center (KAC). “That suits best with the international growth that our organisation is currently experiencing, and we are quite GRUSTK about it,” says Werkhoven.