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24 October 2022

With Dieke van Bolderen, Kooi has the first female sales manager in its ranks to join the international team. As International Sales Manager, Dieke will focus on renewables. "It is not only commercially good that solar fields and wind farms are coming up. It is especially important for the environment, people and animals."

She’s not unaccustomed, now that Dieke has to stand her ground immediately as the first female sales consultant within Kooi. "I have always been in a man's world and know the prejudices: 'She will come to the table everywhere.' Well, now I can prove that it's also about knowledge and experience." Fortunately, she has been warmly welcomed by her new colleagues.


There are similarities with her previous job. After all, Dieke comes from the sales department of a secondment agency in construction and engineering. "In that role, I visited construction sites a lot. And before that, I worked in real estate. So construction is not foreign to me." However, the move to Kooi offers her new opportunities. "In my previous job, I was much involved in HR, leave, and sick leave but I wanted to develop further in sales and get better at this. Now I focus on new business combined with relationship management and projects abroad," Dieke explains. "And I learn something new every day."

Work hard, play hard

Thanks to a smooth introduction program, Dieke quickly learned all about her new employer and its products: the UFO and the RED. \Kooi is a very down-to-earth and informal company,\ she says. \And everyone helps each other to achieve the best results together. It's 'work hard, play hard' but in a positive way.\

On the photo:
Dieke: "I learn something new every day."

Dieke 1


Meanwhile, Dieke has already the first offers running. "I love the hunting," she sounds enthusiastic. "Besides, I like solving problems and proving myself in them." This is what young Dieke is doing in the world of clean energy: wind and solar. "It is good that many solar fields and wind farms are coming up. It's also just necessary and better for the environment."

A job now awaits Dieke in Greece, where more and more solar fields and wind farms are springing up. UFOs will have their watchful eye over that too. However, the brand-new International Sales Manager feels no pressure. But... She laughs briefly: "If more women are hired in Sales soon, then I will have done well." So a little bit after all...