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17 May 2022

The Danish don’t have much surprises anymore for international sales manager Kees Glandorff. Following his Danish partner he settled down in Funen about 20 years ago. In 2019 Kees joined Kooi Camera Surveillance in Odense. “I am a Dutch-Danish blend.”

Together with colleague Michael Jörgensen, Kees is responsible for the expansion of Kooi in Scandinavia. In Europe, the Dutch company Kooi grows fast in the field of 24/7 remote video monitoring. Where Michaels corps business is construction and infrastructure, Kees is specialist on the fields of wind- and solarprojects. “I am honest and straight,” he says. “Dutch tell it like it is while Danish are more the wait-and-see-type. We have the courage to ask: ‘Can we do business?’ But overall there’s always a connection.”

No risk

Being on the road most of the week, Kees meets a lot of customers of wind- and solarprojects. “In Denmark customers simply want to hire security,” he starts his story. “Especially when something is stolen it’s always big money like the cables for instance. Mostly the sun- and solarprojects are located on deserted areas. When intruders are spotted by the cameras our 24/7 Alarm Center immediately calls the police without extra costs for the customer. It’s always a fixed price. No surprises.” Beside Denmark also Finland and Norway are more and more convinced of the added value of remote video monitoring to prevent burglary and theft. Kees: “First the idea was: ‘nothing happens over here.’ But now they are not willing to take the risk something bad happens. They don’t have time for delay.”

On the photo Kees (right) and his colleague Michael Jörgensen.  

15 Min


The personal approach is where Kooi stands out. “Personally it’s all about trust,” states Kees. “In Denmark it’s called ‘tillid.’ Trust. Tillid grows when you show how our systems work. So first I scan the premises and see where our UFO’s (Units For Observation) can be positioned best. After that I install them myself and show how everything works. And when somethings happens, like an intruder sneaks in, we take care of the tracking. We aim to be present within half an hour. So we are really part of the project from beginning to end.”

A fine example of this personal approach: a phone call of a customer recently. He needed a lifting crane with crawlers. “Then you take that extra step,” says Kees. “So I called the company Hoefland in the Netherlands who rents out cranes at Mammoet and linked them together. They were really grateful.”