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13 June 2024

Good-humored and bright, Daniel Segura is the new sales manager for the south of Spain. With his mostly sunny-side-up disposition, it’s no wonder that Daniel is setting his sights on the solar market in Spain. “We have to be close to each customer to offer help and service wherever possible,” he says.


Daniel's proficiency in English suggests he's already looked beyond national borders. “Yes, after graduating from the Universidad de la Rioja with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, I went to the United Kingdom.”

Plenty of experience

In the UK, Daniel started working in the solar market as a solar engineer at Ingeteam. “I became fluent in English and gained valuable experience in maintaining solar parks. Later on, I progressed to become a site manager and project manager at Grupotec, a leader in the photovoltaic energy sector.” With ample experience under his belt, Daniel returned to Spain to become a key account manager for Mexico, Peru, and Chile for Solarig, a developer of large-scale sustainable projects.

Trio At UFO3

Track record in solar

Now, Daniel finds himself on the other side of the spectrum: mobile security for the solar projects he once managed. “This market is new for me, but I have a proven track record in the solar industry, which gives me confidence. Additionally, temporary security solutions are relatively new in Spain, and Kooi's UFO is a truly exceptional camera system.”

Speeding up processes

Although he resides in Seville, Daniel's undivided attention will be on the solar market in the south of Spain. Builders can expect a visit from the charming Daniel, who will represent the originally Dutch company that is rapidly expanding in the world of mobile camera surveillance. “My significant advantage is the experience I bring. With my extensive network in the solar market, I aim to connect this network with Kooi. It's often challenging for outsiders to penetrate the Spanish market, but with my Spanish teammates, I can expedite this process.”

Saving money

With theft on construction sites still on the rise and groups like the Copper Maffia remaining active, Daniel must persuade builders of the top-notch solution called the Unit For Observation. “While security is always crucial, we aim to provide assistance and relieve our customers of all their worries,” he emphasizes. Daniel adds confidently, “By preventing theft and vandalism of expensive tools, materials, and vehicles, we can save money for the customer. It's up to me and the team to raise awareness of the solution in Spain, and that's quite a challenge!” 

If you're ready to secure your solar projects and safeguard your investments, contact Daniel Segura today to learn more about our top-notch security solutions tailored for the Spanish market.

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