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31 January 2023

In the Puglia region wind farms generate a quarter of total wind energy in Italy. Enercon is currently developing additional wind projects near Castelnuovo and La Pescia. Construction Health & Safety Consultant, Alfio Pirruccello, is responsible for the safety of both sites. It’s here that he first experienced the UFO’s of Kooi. “I am very happy to work together.”

Onshore wind farms in Italy have 7,289 wind turbines scattered across the country. The six southern regions generate the most wind energy, with Puglia as a front-runner: 1615. Besides the world-famous Anfitheatro Romano di Lucera, the castle and the fortress, the municipality of Castelnuovo della Daunia has recently acquired a new attraction: a wind farm in the hills. During the construction of the turbines, the camera systems of Kooi replaced the security guards on the premises. “I did not know Kooi before. Colleagues mentioned the existence of the UFO (Unit For Observation) and it seemed to be an efficient way to protect the site. The area is very dangerous because of all the thieves you see,” says Pirruccello. 

Installation of the UFOs

And so Kooi specialists installed a UFO Medium and an eco-friendly Powerbox on the relatively small site. The Powerbox offers power in areas with insufficient electrical power. Thanks to smart technology, it is only active when the UFO requests it. Pirruccello: “It’s perfect. The guys installed everything well and immediately in the right place. Also, the communication with sales manager Dieke van Bolderen runs very smoothly.” 

Puglia 2

No incidents 

The project at La Pescia is different. “This is a wind farm with 24 turbines spread over a large area,” explains Pirruccello. It is clear that two UFO Mediums are a perfect fit here. The Medium offers effective security for large and remote sites. In addition, 2 UFO Primes are present to secure specific facilities such as the chain park and the storage of valuable equipment and materials. For the required power, two Powerboxes are on standby. Pirruccello: “The project in Castelnuovo has just been completed. We are disconnecting the UFO’s as we speak. Thanks to the UFOs, there were no incidents at the site. Therefore, I have a lot of confidence in the La Pescia project and I am very happy to work with Kooi.”

If you're looking for advanced crime detection, then our remote video surveillance solutions are here for you. We help detect, deter, and defend against criminal activity. We would be happy to perform a free security check for you. Contact Dieke van Bolderen and she will determine what is necessary to fully secure your project site using temporary and mobile camera surveillance.

'The only way to do great work is to love what you do.'

Dieke joined the Kooi team in 2022 as an International Sales Manager. She is specialising in the renewable energy sector and her focus is now lying on expanding our business in Italy and Greece. Get in touch with Dieke for more information.

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