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17 August 2022

As we speak, Sweden has more than 4000 wind turbines which makes it one of the key European markets for the expansion of onshore wind energy. Understandably, because Sweden targets to achieve 100% renewable energy consumption by 2040. Last year it installed the most new onshore wind in Europe, about 2.1 Gigawatt. In total there are 58 onshore and offshore wind projects planned for the next 5 years with a total project value of €35 billion. And when wind turbines in Scandinavia are being built, Kooi Camera Surveillance might often be the one who guards the site with its highly developed camera units.

About 20 kilometres southwest of the small Swedish village called Ramsele, Nordex creates the Hocksjön Windfarm. It’s one of those huge projects in onshore wind. With a total capacity of 131 Megawatts 23 wind turbines arise one by one on the hills of Västernorrlands län. Each turbine will have 148 meters high towers. “Here we have 5 Units For Observation on the premises,” states Kooi-sales manager Kees Glandorff. “We guard the offices on the site compound but also the access roads, the main crane and the pre-installation crane.” A Hybrid Power Box is responsible for a reliable connection with the UFO’s. Kees: “It’s an eco-friendly solution with reduction of CO2 and solar panels taking care of the power. The box doesn’t need sunny weather to run. Even simple daylight does the trick and there’s so much light in Sweden right now.”


In the project Västernorrland Kooi cooperates with security company Prevent. Every day a guard of Prevent makes his rounds of the site. It takes 35 minutes to drive from the first to the last turbine. Therefore it’s important that both cranes and access roads are guarded well 24/7. The UFO’s detect every unwanted movement during or after working hours immediately. “When our alarm center notices something at the crane for instance we can call the guard who immediately rushes to the exact location. This combination works perfect,” says Kees. Luckily no incidents have occurred until now.

Hocksjön 22


“All in all we have 9 projects with Nordex in Scandinavia at the moment,” Kees continues. “Next week there’s a new delivery of a UFO-system and I arrange things quickly because of our good relation.” Kees swears by a personal and reliable approach. “I am just the person beside the camera. For me it’s important that people know me. And I am able to answer very fast when questions arise. It all runs like clockwork.”


'Always a pleasure to work for Kooi with the customer in front to provide the best solution and service.'

Kees Glandorff, our accomplished Sales Manager, oversees projects throughout the Nordics region. With a profound focus on the wind and solar sectors, his expertise is invaluable in guaranteeing the utmost safety and security for your site.

K.Glandorff Kooi

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