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25 February 2021

You may still be undecided about whether to use our temporary camera security on your construction or building site. And you may be expecting a long answer to the question posed in the title above. But our answer is actually very simple: We believe that everyone deserves an uninterrupted and good night's sleep.

And we can help this happen by taking away your worries by monitoring your site for you with our temporary, mobile camera surveillance systems and by alerting you if and when necessary. This gives you total peace of mind, prevents theft and vandalism and avoids inconvenience caused by, for example, project delays. Is Kooi camera security something for you? We have listed the five most important benefits below.

1. 24/7-surveillance at any location

If you choose Kooi's camera surveillance, you can determine the times at which we must man the cameras. This may be a specific part of the day, but 24/7 surveillance is also possible.

A big advantage of our mobile camera systems is that they allow us to work flexibly. Construction sites, for example, are constantly changing. In principle, you may, as a customer, also move a Unit for Observation (UFO) yourself. In such cases, please inform Kooi Alarm Centre, so that we can help you re-position the cameras to ensure optimal site surveillance.

Of course, the camera systems require power. However, it may be that you do not have a power supply on your construction or building site. No worries, this is not a problem. For an additional fee, we can supply you with a PowerBox that runs on diesel. Or you may use one of our Solar Power Units from April to September when there is sufficient sunlight.

2. Kooi Alarm Centre uses a siren and loudspeakers

Our advanced cameras have a full view of your site. But what happens when trespassers or intruders are spotted? Then our customers can rely on Kooi Alarm Centre’s experienced and skilled operators.

At any particular time, one of our operators stands ready to make a quick assessment of any situation that may occur. In 99% of all cases, the built-in loudspeakers and sirens are sufficient to stop all intruders. If not, the Kooi Alarm Centre can immediately call security or the emergency services! Of course, customers are immediately informed of any incident that occurs and they receive an incident report.

Centralist Kooi Alarm Center

3. Watch with us via the app

In our app, you can access the cameras to also view your site. Though this is, of course, very useful in itself, this is not all you can do. You can also set the times at which the cameras must be active.

Have you hired several cameras? The app provides a handy overview of projects and locations. You will quickly receive a report after an incident. Each report comprises an analysis, information about the actions carried out by Kooi and video footage.

4. Perfect vision without light pollution

Our cameras work with infrared. So no construction site lights are needed to maintain good visibility at night. This avoids light pollution in the area while also saving you energy and money.

We have various types of camera systems, including ones with 360-degree all-round vision. Of course, we would be delighted to visit your site to determine the best security plan for your location.

5. Profit from a (cost-)efficient working method

Are you going to choose a Kooi solution? Then profit from a fixed weekly rate, which includes responding to alarms. With this option, you will never be faced with unexpected costs.

Perhaps our (cost-)efficient working method appeals to you, and you would like more information? We have a solution for every site. So contact us immediately for more advice. It is also possible to temporarily trial one of our systems without obligation. 

Would you like to know how we can secure your site? If so, contact Kooi now. We would be happy to offer you free, obligation-free advice.